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ISSN: 2444-569X

Journal of Innovation & Knowledge

The Journal of Innovation and Knowledge (JIK) focuses on how we gain knowledge through innovation and how knowledge encourages new forms of innovation. Not all innovation leads to knowledge. Only enduring innovation that can be generalized across multiple fields creates theory and knowledge. JIK welcomes papers on innovations that improve the quality of knowledge or that can be used to develop knowledge. Innovation is a broad concept, covering innovation processes, structures, outcomes, antecedents, and behaviors at the organizational level in the private and public sectors as well as at the individual, national, and professional levels. JIK articles explore knowledge-related changes that introduce or encourage innovation to promote best practices within society.

JIK provides an outlet for high-quality studies that have undergone double-blind peer review. In doing so, JIK ensures that such studies reach a global readership of scholars, consultants, practitioners, international leaders, and policymakers who recognize the importance of innovation and knowledge as economic drivers and who base their decisions on new ideas and findings in innovation and knowledge.

JIK publishes content in the form of theoretical articles, empirical studies employing quantitative or qualitative methods, practice-oriented papers, teaching-oriented papers, case studies, book reviews, conference reports, short articles on current trends in science and society, abstracts of recent innovation and knowledge PhDs, and shorter opinion-based and review articles, commentaries, and debates. JIK publishes state-of-the-art research on emerging topics in the world of innovation and knowledge and appeals to a broad readership. The editors welcome suggestions for special issue topics. JIK articles should demonstrate contextual differences, while highlighting lessons for the wider audience.

In sum, JIK is an interdisciplinary journal devoted to advancing theoretical and practical innovations and knowledge in a range of fields, including Economics, Business and Management, Engineering, Science, and Education. JIK has a broad scope to the following areas:

1. Innovation (including but not limited to: open innovation, innovation adoption and diffusion, organizational behavior and innovation, creativity, improvisation, and individual innovation, innovation in teams and groups, institutional and social innovation, consequences of innovation, critical approaches to innovation or innovation alliances and networks) in relation to knowledge, and vice versa.
2. Knowledge patterns in relation to innovation.
3. Knowledge-related changes that introduce innovations and best practices in society.
4. Globalization in innovation and knowledge.
5. Innovation policies and practices that lead to knowledge.
6. Cross-cultural case studies in knowledge and innovation.
7. New practical models and paradigms for understanding and fostering innovation and knowledge.
8. Knowledge and innovation derived from data.
9. Information systems in knowledge and innovation.
10. Knowledge and innovation in organizations and their behaviors.
11. Knowledge- and innovation-based systems, products, and processes.
12. Issues that affect the developers of education systems and educators who implement and manage innovations and knowledge.
13. Ethics in knowledge and innovation.
14. Knowledge and innovation transfer.
15. Quality in knowledge and innovation.

Indexed in:

ERIH PLUS, Emerging Sources Citation Index
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Vol. 2 .Num. 3. September - December 2017

Conceptual paper

From optimal to stagnant growth: The role of institutions and culture

De un prototipo de crecimiento óptimo al estancamiento: el papel de las instituciones y la cultura

Panagiotis E. Petrakis, Dionysis G. Valsamis, Kyriaki I. Kafka
Journal of Innovation and Knowledge 2 (2017) 97-105

A bibliometric analysis of leading universities in innovation research

Análisis bibliométrico de las universidades líderes en la investigación sobre Innovación

Christian A. Cancino, José M. Merigó, Freddy C. Coronado
Journal of Innovation and Knowledge 2 (2017) 106-24

Empirical paper

Leveraging intellectual capital through Lewin's Force Field Analysis: The case of software development companies

Probar los efectos reveladores del Capital Intelectual a través el análisis de campos de fuerzas de Lewin (el caso de las empresas del sector informático)

Alexandru Capatina, Gianita Bleoju, Florinda Matos, Valter Vairinhos
Journal of Innovation and Knowledge 2 (2017) 125-33

The effect of organizational justice on knowledge sharing: Empirical evidence from the Chinese telecommunications sector

El efecto de Justicia Organizacional en el Intercambio de Conocimiento: Una evidencia empírica del Sector de las Telecomunicaciones Chino

Tayyaba Akram, Shen Lei, Muhammad Jamal Haider, Syed Talib Hussain, Lilian Consuelo Mustelier Puig
Journal of Innovation and Knowledge 2 (2017) 134-45

Spreads of bonds issued by sub-sovereign European governments

El spread de los bonos emitidos por los gobiernos subsoberanos europeos

Nicolas Jannone Bellot, MªLuisa Martí Selva, Leandro García Menéndez
Journal of Innovation and Knowledge 2 (2017) 146-54

Exploring entrepreneurial readiness of youth and startup success components: Entrepreneurship training as a moderator

Explorando la preparación emprendedora de la juventud y los componentes del éxito de la puesta en marcha: Formación para el espíritu empresarial como moderador

Seun Azeez Olugbola
Journal of Innovation and Knowledge 2 (2017) 155-71

Inhibitors of e-Government adoption: Determinants of habit and adoption intentions

Inhibidores y no usuarios del E-Gobierno: determinantes del hábito y las intenciones de adopción

Manuel Rey-Moreno, Cayetano Medina-Molina
Journal of Innovation and Knowledge 2 (2017) 172-80


Erratum to: “Development of capabilities from the Innovation of the perspective of poverty and disability” <[Journal of Innovation and Knowledge 2 (2017) 74-86]>

Fe de errores de «Desarrollo de capacidades desde la innovación de perspectiva de la pobreza y la discapacidad»<[Journal of Innovation and Knowledge 2 (2017) 74-86]>

José Luis Sánchez García, Sergio Pérez Ruiz
Journal of Innovation and Knowledge 2 (2017) 181