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Vol. 26. Issue 1.
Pages 1-86 (January - June 2021)
Deep learning self-regulation strategies: Validation of a situational model and its questionnaire
Ernesto Panadero, Jesús Alonso-Tapia, Daniel García-Pérez, Juan Fraile, José Manuel Sánchez Galán, Rodrigo Pardo
Rev Psic. 2021;26:10-9
Effect of the EFE-P program on the improvement of executive functions in Early Childhood Education
Miriam Romero-López, M. Carmen Pichardo, Ana Justicia-Arráez, Francisco Cano-García
Rev Psic. 2021;26:20-7
Effects of suprasegmental awareness on learning to read in the first school years
Raúl Gutiérrez-Fresneda, Isabel María De Vicente-Yagüe Jara, Elena Jiménez-Pérez
Rev Psic. 2021;26:28-34
School climate policy and its relations with social and emotional competencies, bullying and cyberbullying in secondary education
Vicente J. Llorent, David P. Farrington, Izabela Zych
Rev Psic. 2021;26:35-44

  • We have a pleasure to submit our article titled “School climate policy and its relations with social and emotional competencies, bullying and cyberbullying in secondary education” to the Revista de Psicodidáctica.

  • Some school policies are designed to promote a positive school climate, but little is known about their effectiveness. Little is still known about the role of school policy in improving school climate. It still needs to be discovered if school policy documents may improve social and emotional competencies and decrease bullying and cyberbullying. In this study, the effectiveness of school climate policy documents was studied controlling for the presence of minority groups, as a vulnerable group regarding their possible involvement bullying and cyberbullying

  • School climate policy documents varied greatly in quantity and quality of accomplishment in each compulsory criterion among the different schools.

  • This research study also describes the relationship between the quality of school climate policy documents and social and emotional competencies in students. Another contribution of this research is the study of the relation of bullying and cyberbullying to the quality of the school climate policy document, as a contextual factor, and social and emotional competencies, as an individual factor.

  • According to the evidence from this study, promoting a positive school climate from the school climate policy document is worthy, as bullying perpetration could be reduced. The findings of this study have implications in school policy and educational reforms.

  • Prof. Vicente J. Llorent, Prof. David P. Farrington and Prof. Izabela Zych

Effects of a teacher training program on the motivation and satisfaction of history secondary students
Cosme J. Gómez Carrasco, Jairo Rodríguez-Medina, Pedro Miralles Martínez, Víctor B. Arias González
Rev Psic. 2021;26:45-52
University students and their perception of teaching effectiveness. Effects on students’ engagement
Carmen-María Fernández-García, Marcos Rodríguez-Álvarez, María-Paulina Viñuela-Hernández
Rev Psic. 2021;26:62-9
Cooperative learning and approach goals in physical education: The discriminant role of individual accountability
Sergio Rivera Pérez, Benito León del Barco, Jerónimo J. González Bernal, Damián Iglesias Gallego
Rev Psic. 2021;26:78-85
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