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ISSN: 2386-4583

Journal of Invasive Techniques in Physical Therapy

Invasive Techniques in Physical Therapy is a scientific journal published biannually in both Spanish and English (Revista Fisioterapia Invasiva) in Open Access with double-blind peer review. The aim of the journal is to globally disseminate scientific knowledge regarding invasive techniques used in physical therapy concerning aspects of clinical practice related with the assessment, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system. Techniques covered include dry needling, percutaneous needle electrolysis, neuromodulation, mesotherapy, acupuncture, infiltrations or neural therapy, and associated therapeutic tools, such as musculoskeletal ultrasound, thermography, electromyography or therapeutic exercise programs. The mission of this publication is to create a journal of reference for physiotherapy and all related interest groups.
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Vol. 1 .Num. 2. July - December 2016

Invasive Physical Therapy, a new horizon ‘made in Spain’

La Fisioterapia Invasiva, un nuevo horizonte marca España

Francisco Minaya Muñoz
Journal of Invasive Techniques in Physical Therapy 2016;1:1-2

Oral communications

Journal of Invasive Techniques in Physical Therapy 2016;1:3-16