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Vol. 31. Núm. S5.
The 3rd International Nursing & Health Sciences Students & Health Care Professionals Conference (INHSP) 2019
Páginas S609-S850 (Diciembre 2021)
Staff Enfermeria Clinica
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:i
Strategies to improve patients’ involvement in achieving patient safety goals: A literature review
Haslinda Haslinda, Rini Rachmawaty, Ariyanti Saleh
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S609-S613
Relationship between skin temperature and medical device-related pressure injury in intensive care unit
Sintawati Majid, Saldy Yusuf, Yuliana Syam, Muhammad Darwis, Deliaty Bagenda Ali
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S614-S617
Knowledge, attitude and barriers towards health literacy among health professionals working in hospital
Nour Sriyanah, Kusrini S. Kadar, Suradi Efendi
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S618-S622
Development of video-based education for caregiver of post-stroke patients to prevent the complications of bed rest at home: A Delphi study
Nunung Iriani M. Nur Doa, Elly Lilianty Sjattar, Syahrul Syahrul, Syafrudin L. Ahmad
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S623-S626
The effectiveness of Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) method implementation in improving nursing care quality: A systematic review
Syanti Dewi Tamher, Rini Rachmawaty, Kadek Ayu Erika
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S627-S631
Risk factor and interventions of behavioral changing strategy in acceleration of stunting prevention: A systematic review
Marni, Andi Zulkifli Abdullah, Ridwan M. Thaha, Healthy Hidayanty, Saifuddin Sirajuddin, Muh Syafar
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S636-S639
Parenting style and bullying behavior in adolescents
Ariyanti Saleh, Hapsah Hapsah, Wiwik Krisnawati, Erfina Erfina
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S640-S643
Improving collaboration skills among nursing students through disaster preparedness simulation
Arief Andriyanto, Rina Nur Hidayati
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S644-S648
Overview of diabetes distress in diabetes patients who do not participate in PROLANIS (Chronic Disease Management Program): A pilot study
Fitrawati Arifuddin, Yuliana Syam, Rosyidah Arafat, Andi Budiyanto Adiputra
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S649-S652
Evaluation of quality of life-based on the length of use and the number of stents of post percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) patients
Al Amin, Rini Rachmawaty, Takdir Tahir, Musmulyono Musmulyono
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S653-S657
Fishing habits and the connection with malaria case in East Lombok Regency
Muhammad Kazwaini, Chatarina U. Wahyuni
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S658-S662
The correlation between sedentary lifestyle and physical fitness level in adolescents
Andi Nurul Fadillah, Immanuel Maulang, Nur Hardiyanty
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S668-S671
Cancer patient's experiences towards nurse's caring demeanor based on Watson's theory: A qualitative study
Indah Gita Cahyani, Rini Rachmawaty, Ilkafah Ilkafah, Erfina Erfina
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S672-S676
Chlorhexidine and honey: Mouthwash liquids in reducing halitosis of stroke patients
Lestari Makmuriana, Wuriani, Lilis Lestari, Usman Usman, Surtikanti Surtikanti, Jaka Pradika, Ramadhaniyati Ramadhaniyati, Haryanto Haryanto
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S677-S681
Effectiveness of integrated education in improving patient self-efficacy after total hip and knee replacement surgeries
Muhajirin Maliga, Elly L. Sjattar, Syahrul Syahrul
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S682-S687
Nurses’ knowledge and attitudes in providing geriatric care at Ende Hospital of East Nusa Tenggara
Naimah Hargianti Abdurahman, Kusrini S. Kadar, Silvia Malasari
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S688-S691
Effects of massage therapy on cancer related fatigue: A systematic review
Nurpadila Nurpadila, Mulhaeriah Mulhaeriah, Moh. Syafar Sangkala
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S692-S696
The effect of consuming seaweed capsules of Spirulina on hemoglobin levels of pregnant women at Batua Public Health Center of Makassar
Julia Fitriningsih, Stang, Nurqalbi Sampara, Jumrah Sudirman, Rahayu Eryanti Kusniyanto, Lisnawati
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S697-S699
The effectiveness of guided imagery therapy to increase sleep quality of congestive heart failure patients
Yunda Yeci, Titi Iswanti Afelya, Syahrul Syahrul, Elly L. Sjattar, Akbar Harisa
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S700-S703
Physical activity among obese school-aged children: A cross-sectional study
Yulinar Syam, Kadek Ayu Erika, Nur Fadilah, Syahrul Syahrul
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S704-S708
The risk of diabetic foot complication among type 2 diabetes mellitus patients in Kendari City, Indonesia
Syahrul Syahrul, Narmawan Narmawan
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S713-S717
Effectiveness of antiseptic soaps in reducing bacterial burden in diabetic foot ulcer
Nurwahidah Hade, Saldy Yusuf, Takdir Tahir
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S718-S721
Predictors of hospital patient safety culture outcomes in Jambi Province
Guspianto, Ismi Nurwaqiah Ibnu, Adila Solida
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S722-S729
The peer support on quality of life in people with HIV/AIDS
Suharno Usman, Kusrini S. Kadar
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S730-S734
The effect of substituting carrots into tempeh brownies on the intake of protein energy deficiency in Indonesia
Syarfaini, Sukfitrianty Syahrir, Nildawati, Fatmawaty Mallapiang, Surahmawati, Uswatun Hasanah
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S735-S739
Effectiveness of counseling methods in reducing smoking habits for patients with cardiovascular disease: A literature review
Toar Calvin Christo Paat, Syahrul Syahrul
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S740-S744
Patient satisfaction towards healthcare quality in Indonesian Public Hospital
Andi Rizani Catur Wulandari, Rini Rachmawaty, Ilkafah Ilkafah, Erfina Erfina
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S745-S750
Psychometrical evaluation of an instrument to measure the nurses’ knowledge about early mobilization among post laparotomy patients
Jikrun Jaata, Yuliana Syam, Andi Masyitha Irwan, Syahrul Syahrul
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S751-S755
Psychotherapy intervention diabetes distress in diabetes patients: A systematic review
Zhanaz Tasya, Ridwan Amiruddin, Aminuddin Syam, Yahya Thamrin
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S756-S760
Analysis of the work culture in head of inpatient room at Madani Hospital, Palu
Fajrillah Kolomboy, Sukri Palutturi, Fridawaty Rivai, Lalu Muhammad Saleh, Aminuddin, Ridwan Amiruddin
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S761-S764
Comparison of activity daily living performance among post-stroke older people with and without rehabilitation program
Sri Rezki Badruni, Andi Masyitha Irwan, Silvia Malasari
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S765-S768
Health literacy instruments developed for the elderly with chronic disease: A literature review
Isna Faradiba Putri, Kusrini Semarwati Kadar, Syahrul Syahrul
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S769-S773
Studies transcultural nursing with diabetes mellitus: Literature review
St. Syahriyani, Saldy Yusuf
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S774-S778
Effectiveness of an educational intervention for disaster preparedness for elementary school students in Central Sulawesi
Imtihanah Amri, Ansariadi, Ridwan Amiruddin, Sukri Palutturi, Anwar Mallongi, Rosmala Nur, Dhea Rizkhytha
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S779-S782
Projection of the occurrence of work accidents based on unsafe act and work units
M. Furqaan Naiem, A. Muflihah Darwis, Sholihin Shiddiq Maksun
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S788-S792
Deep breathing relaxation exercise for reducing anxiety of patients under hemodialysis treatment
Novita Nipa, Hapsah Hapsah, Abdul Majid
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S793-S796
Correlation of self-efficacy and self-care of patients undergoing hemodialysis with their quality of life
Rahma Edy Pakaya, Yuliana Syam, Syahrul Syahrul
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S797-S801
Effect of health literacy towards medication compliance on elderly with hypertension: An updated literature review
Andi Satriana, Kusrini S. Kadar, Ariyanti Saleh
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S802-S806
Preceptorship and its effect on the clinical performance of nursing students
Halimah Halimah, Rini Rachmawaty, Nur Fadilah, Musmulyono Musmulyono
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S807-S811
Abdominal massage for constipation relief in stroke patients: A participatory action research
Rini Rachmawaty, Ilkafah Ilkafah, Syahrul Syahrul, Yudi Hardianto
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S812-S816
Experiences of stroke patients and the caregiver after discharge from hospital: A literature review
Nurun Salaman Alhidayat, Rosyidah Arafat, Kusrini S. Kadar
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S817-S820
Meta synthesis: Mobile health education to healthy lifestyle for visual impairment
Mesra Rahayu, Muhammad Syafar, Razak Thaha, Nurhaedar Jafar, Sudirman Natsir, Intan Sari Areni
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S821-S827
Evaluation context and mechanisms of stunting intervention in Locus Area: A systematic review
Sirajuddin, Saifuddin Sirajuddin, A. Razak Thaha, Amran Razak, Ansariadi, Ridwan M. Thaha
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S828-S833
Food intake and anemia among preconception women in Takalar district, Indonesia
Rahayu Nurul Reski, Veni Hadju, Rahayu Indriasari, Masyita Muis
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S834-S839
COVID-19 exposure risk level in daily activity in adapting to new habits in the pandemic period
Bs. Titi Haerana, Syatirah Jalaluddin, M. Fais Satrianegara, Dian Rezki Wijaya, Syahrul Basri, Emmi Bujawati
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S840-S846
Identifying sarcopenia among post-stroke older people
Andi Febrina Sosiawati, Andi Masyitha Irwan, Wa Ode Nur Isnah
Enferm Clin. 2021;31 Supl 5:S847-S850
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