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Colombian Journal of Anesthesiology
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Inicio Colombian Journal of Anesthesiology
Información de la revista
Vol. 41. Núm. 4.
Páginas 243-312 (Octubre - Diciembre 2013)
Inborn errors of metabolism and anesthesia; so far, yet so close
Juan Carlos Ibla
Rev Colomb Anestesiol. 2013;41:243-4
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Scientific and technological research
Ultrasound-guided tricompartmental blockade of the shoulder
Roberto Carlo Rivera Díaz, Mario Andrés Arcila Lotero, Deisy Johana Giraldo Giraldo
Rev Colomb Anestesiol. 2013;41:245-9
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Comparison of emergence and discharge times between two Total Intravenous Anesthesia techniques: Remifentanil and Fentanyl
Diana Carolina Pérez López, Geovanny Rodríguez Sánchez, José Rafael Tovar Cuevas, Alberto Vanegas Saavedra
Rev Colomb Anestesiol. 2013;41:250-6
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Anesthetic complications in patients with inborn errors of metabolism undergoing non-cardiac surgery
Marta Inés Berrío Valencia, Catalina María Martínez Ochoa, Heisa Catalina Durango Gómez
Rev Colomb Anestesiol. 2013;41:257-60
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Pressure applied by the healthcare staff on a cricoid cartilage simulator during Sellick's maneuver in rapid sequence intubation
Jose Andres Calvache, Maria Ximena Sandoval, William Andres Vargas
Rev Colomb Anestesiol. 2013;41:261-6
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Variables associated with the risk of suicide in patients with chronic pain seen in a hospital outpatient clinic in Bogotá
Ana Carolina Amaya Arias, Angie Bruce, Deisy Herrán, Angie Martín Arango, Katherine Muñoz, Patricia Abella
Rev Colomb Anestesiol. 2013;41:267-73
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Review articles
Protocol and importance of using the kit for local anesthetic systemic toxicity
Marta Inés Berrío Valencia, Juan Felipe Vargas Silva
Rev Colomb Anestesiol. 2013;41:274-9
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Blood flow and pulmonary ventilation: New paradigm?
Pedro José Herrera Gómez, Gustavo Duarte
Rev Colomb Anestesiol. 2013;41:280-2
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Case report
Inhaled induction and topical anesthesia of the airway guided with C-MAC d-Blade videolaryngoscope in a myasthenia gravis patient and difficult airway
Julio C. Galán Gutiérrez, Pedro Charco Mora, Airam Sadarangani Pestana
Rev Colomb Anestesiol. 2013;41:287-90
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Cervical epidural infusion for the treatment of herpes zoster pain. Case report with review of the literature
Roberto Carlo Rivera Díaz, Mario Andrés Arcila Lotero
Rev Colomb Anestesiol. 2013;41:291-7
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Cardiac arrest during laparoscopic cholecystectomy
Carlos Eduardo Laverde Sabogal, David Betancur Vivas
Rev Colomb Anestesiol. 2013;41:298-301
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Regional anaesthesia—Still a comfortable choice in morbidly obese parturient
Teena Bansal, Parshant Kumar, Sarla Hooda
Rev Colomb Anestesiol. 2013;41:302-5
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Total intravenous anesthesia in a closed loop system: Report of the first case in Colombia
Francisco Javier Gómez Oquendo, Fabián David Casas Arroyave, Juan Manuel Fernández, Álvaro Guarín Grisales
Rev Colomb Anestesiol. 2013;41:306-10
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Questions and answers
Questions and answers
Fernando Raffan Sanabria
Rev Colomb Anestesiol. 2013;41:311-2
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