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Vol. 63. Issue 5.
Pages 385-466 (September - October 2021)
Spanish radiologists’ happy journey
Pilar Gallar
Radiologia. 2021;63:385-90
Original articles
Anatomic characteristics of the left atrium in subjects undergoing radiofrequency ablation for atrial fibrillation
U. Martinez Urabayen, M. Caballeros, I. Soriano, P. Ramos, I. García Bolao, G. Bastarrika
Radiologia. 2021;63:391-9
Self-limiting sternal tumors of childhood (SELSTOC): A diagnostic challenge
J. Alonso Sánchez, C. Gallego Herrero, J. García Prieto, M.C. Cruz-Conde, C. Casado Pérez, M. Rasero Ponferrada, D. Coca Robinot
Radiologia. 2021;63:400-5
Ileocolic intussusception: Ultrasound-guided hydrostatic reduction with sedation and analgesia
P. Caro-Domínguez, C. Hernández-Herrera, C. Le Cacheux-Morales, V. Sánchez-Tatay, E. Merchante-García, R. Vizcaíno, I. Fernández-Pineda
Radiologia. 2021;63:406-14
Update in radiology
CT-guided hook-wire localization of pulmonary nodules in children prior to atypical resection by thoracoscopy: Practical aspects
C. Gallego-Herrero, M. López-Díaz, D. Coca-Robinot, M.C. Cruz-Conde, M. Rasero-Ponferrada
Radiologia. 2021;63:415-24
Atypical bacterial infections of the central nervous system transmitted by ticks: An unknown threat
J. Azcona Sáenz, D. Herrán de la Gala, A.M. Arnáiz García, C.A. Salas Venero, E. Marco de Lucas
Radiologia. 2021;63:425-35
Radiology through images
Radiological evaluation of the postsurgical middle ear
M. Mazón, E. Pont, J. Castellá-Malonda, O. Jacome-Torres, J. Carreres-Polo
Radiologia. 2021;63:436-44
Article from a resident
An updated review of the TNM classification system for cancer of the oesophagus and its complications
P. López Sala, N. Alberdi Aldasoro, I. Fuertes Fernández, J. Sáenz Bañuelos
Radiologia. 2021;63:445-55
Humanities in radiology
Marie Curie: How to break the glass ceiling in science and in radiology
R. Sánchez-Oro, J. Torres Nuez, M.L. Fatahi Bandpey, G. Martínez-Sanz
Radiologia. 2021;63:456-65
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