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Articles in press are accepted, peer reviewed articles that are not yet assigned to volumes/issues, but are citable using DOI. More info

When pneumonia is not COVID-19
J.J. Arenas-Jiménez, J.M. Plasencia-Martínez, E. García-Garrigós
Available online 26 January 2021
Radiologic aspects of COVID-19 pneumonia: Outcomes and thoracic complications
M.L. Parra Gordo, G. Buitrago Weiland, M. Grau García, G. Arenaza Choperena
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Open Article
Available online 21 January 2021
Radiologic diagnosis of patients with COVID-19
E. Martínez Chamorro, A. Díez Tascón, L. Ibáñez Sanz, S. Ossaba Vélez, S. Borruel Nacenta
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Open Article
Available online 18 January 2021
An updated review of the TNM classification system for cancer of the oesophagus and its complications
P. López Sala, N. Alberdi Aldasoro, I. Fuertes Fernández, J. Sáenz Bañuelos
Available online 17 January 2021
Radiological Congresses and the Corona Pandemic - The Future and Beyond
M. Laniado
Available online 17 January 2021
Role of diagnostic imaging technologists during the COVID-19 pandemic: The importance of organization and planning in the first line
D. Ribas, J. del Riego, J. Perendreu
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Open Article
Available online 17 January 2021
Pulmonary embolisms in patients with COVID-19: A prevalence study in a tertiary hospital
E. Martínez Chamorro, T.Y. Revilla Ostolaza, M. Pérez Núñez, S. Borruel Nacenta, C. Cruz-Conde Rodríguez-Guerra, L. Ibáñez Sanz
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Open Article
Available online 14 January 2021
Radiographic evaluation of the bicipital groove morphology does not predict intraarticular changes in the long head of biceps tendon
A. Cardoso, J.N. Ferreira, R. Viegas, P. Amaro, P. Gamelas, R. Alonso, L. Pires
Available online 10 January 2021
An attempt to reduce unnecessary surgical procedures... Can ultrasound characteristics help in differentiating adenoma vs carcinoma in follicular thyroid neoplasms?
J. Lloret, T. Ganado, I. Subhi, C. Familiar, L. Moreno, P. Suárez, S. Merino
Available online 31 December 2020
Mesenchymal hamartoma and undifferentiated embryonal sarcoma: Diagnostic keys that radiologists need to know
M. Aineseder, M.A. Mestas Núñez, R. López Grove, M.L. Padilla, T.G. Kreindel
Available online 31 December 2020

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