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Vol. 31. Issue 2.
Pages 71-142 (March 2016)
Original articles
Myelitis: Differences between multiple sclerosis and other aetiologies
S. Presas-Rodríguez, L. Grau-López, J.V. Hervás-García, A. Massuet-Vilamajó, C. Ramo-Tello
Neurologia. 2016;31:71-5
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Test Your Memory is sensitive to cognitive change but lacks prospective validity
J. Ferrero-Arias, M.Á. Turrión-Rojo
Neurologia. 2016;31:76-82
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Pilot study of the efficacy of empowering patients through coaching as a complementary therapy in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
A. García Ron, R. Serrano Grasa, R. Blanco Lago, B. Huete Hernani, D.A. Pérez Martinez
Neurologia. 2016;31:83-8
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Drug utilisation study in patients receiving antiepileptic drugs in Colombia
J.E. Machado-Alba, L.F. Calvo-Torres, S. García-Betancur, A. Aguirre-Novoa, A.M. Bañol-Giraldo
Neurologia. 2016;31:89-96
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Atypical pituitary adenomas: 10 years of experience in a reference centre in Portugal
F. Tortosa, S.M. Webb
Neurologia. 2016;31:97-105
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Validity of the clinical and content scales of the Multiphasic Personality Inventory Minnesota 2 for the diagnosis of psychogenic non-epileptic seizures
A. del Barrio, A. Jiménez-Huete, R. Toledano, I. García-Morales, A. Gil-Nagel
Neurologia. 2016;31:106-12
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Review article
Psychotherapeutic and psychosocial interventions for managing stress in multiple sclerosis: The contribution of mindfulness-based interventions
A. Muñoz San José, C. Oreja-Guevara, S. Cebolla Lorenzo, L. Carrillo Notario, B. Rodríguez Vega, C. Bayón Pérez
Neurologia. 2016;31:113-20
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Consensus statement
The Spanish Society of Neurology's official clinical practice guidelines for epilepsy
J.M. Mercadé Cerdá, M. Toledo Argani, J.A. Mauri Llerda, F.J. López Gonzalez, X. Salas Puig, J. Sancho Rieger
Neurologia. 2016;31:121-9
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Letters to the editor
Fluctuating diplopia as an initial manifestation of polycythemia vera
M.E. Blanco-Cantó, J. Porta-Etessam, E. Santos-Bueso, N. González
Neurologia. 2016;31:130-1
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Intrathecal baclofen for dystonia treatment during pregnancy: A case report
C. Méndez-Lucena, J. Chacón Peña, J.M. García-Moreno
Neurologia. 2016;31:131-2
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Superficial siderosis of the central nervous system as a presentation of stage iv melanoma
M.T. Nogales Romo, M.L. Cuadrado, P. Matamoros, J. Porta-Etessam
Neurologia. 2016;31:132-4
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Remarks on cerebral infarct from another point of view
M.J. Vázquez Lima, M. Blanco González
Neurologia. 2016;31:134-5
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Reply to letter “Remarks on cerebral infarct from another point of view”
M. Alonso de Leciñana, J.A. Egido, I. Casado, M. Ribó, A. Dávalos, J. Masjuan, J.L. Caniego, E. Martínez-Vila, ... representing the ad hoc committee of the SEN Study Group for Cerebrovascular Diseases
Neurologia. 2016;31:136
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Neuroborreliosis: A single-hospital series of 7 cases
M. Gómez-Eguílaz, J. Gómez-Cerquera, L. Calvo-Pérez, J.A. Oteo
Neurologia. 2016;31:137-9
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Adult-onset moyamoya disease in a patient with neurofibromatosis type 1
P.E. Jiménez Caballero
Neurologia. 2016;31:139-41
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