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Articles in press are accepted, peer reviewed articles that are not yet assigned to volumes/issues, but are citable using DOI. More info

Neoplastic meningitis in solid tumours: updated review of diagnosis, prognosis, therapeutic management, and future directions
E. García Molina, M. Penas-Prado
Open access
Available online 16 October 2021
Nutritional status assessment in Alzheimer disease and its influence on disease progression
E. Izquierdo Delgado, R. Gutiérrez Ríos, M. Andrés Calvo, I. Repiso Gento, A. Castrillo Sanz, R. Rodríguez Herrero, M.F. Rodríguez Sanz, M.A. Tola-Arribas
Open access
Available online 15 October 2021
Advanced interatrial block predicts recurrence of embolic stroke of undetermined source
K. Carrillo-Loza, A. Baranchuk, F. Serrano, S. Hasseb, F. Espinosa Lira, E. Soriano, A. Arauz
Open access
Available online 14 October 2021
Assessment of incidence and trends in cerebrovascular disease in the healthcare district of Lleida (Spain) in the period 2010–2014
A.B. Vena, X. Cabré, R. Piñol, J. Molina, F. Purroy
Open access
Available online 14 October 2021
Impulsiveness in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder after an 8-week intervention with the Mediterranean diet and/or omega-3 fatty acids: a randomised clinical trial
I. San Mauro Martin, S. Sanz Rojo, L. González Cosano, R. Conty de la Campa, E. Garicano Vilar, J.A. Blumenfeld Olivares
Open access
Available online 14 October 2021
Cultural and linguistic adaptation of the Oxford Cognitive Screen to the Spanish population
M.D. García-Manzanares, A. Sánchez-Pérez, A. Alfaro-Sáez, R.M. Limiñana-Gras, M. Sunyer-Catllà, S. López-Roig
Open access
Available online 13 October 2021
Insomnia and poor sleep quality are associated with poor seizure control in patients with epilepsy
A. Planas-Ballvé, L. Grau-López, M. Jiménez, J. Ciurans, A. Fumanal, J.L. Becerra
Open access
Available online 13 October 2021
Trends in hospitalisation for ischaemic stroke in young adults in the region of Murcia (Spain) between 2006 and 2014
A.B. Maldonado-Cárceles, L. Hernando-Arizaleta, J.A. Palomar-Rodríguez, A. Morales-Ortiz
Open access
Available online 30 September 2021
Effectiveness of suboccipital muscle inhibition combined with interferential current in patients with chronic tension-type headache: a randomised controlled clinical trial
R. Pérez-Llanes, J.D. Ruiz-Cárdenas, A.J. Meroño-Gallut, M.I. Fernández-Calero, J. Ríos-Díaz
Open access
Available online 26 September 2021
The role of tractography in the localisation of the Vim nucleus of the thalamus and the dentatorubrothalamic tract for the treatment of tremor
O. Parras, P. Domínguez, A. Tomás-Biosca, J. Guridi
Open access
Available online 24 September 2021
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