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Neurology Perspectives is a gold open access journal from the Sociedad Española de Neurología (Spanish Neurology Society). The content of Neurology Perspectives covers everything from neuroepidemiology, clinical neurology, neurological management and care/therapy, to basic neuroscience research applied to neurology.


The journal complies with the International Committee of Medical Journal Editor's Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts (detailed examples available at: http://www.ICMJE.org). The overriding criteria for publication are originality, a high scientific quality and interest to a wide audience of those concerned with all aspects of neurology. The subject areas of the Journal include pediatric neurology, neuropsychology, neurorehabilitation and geriatric neurology.


The articles published in Neurology Perspectives are evaluated in a double-blind review process. The articles are selected based on their quality, originality and interest, then undergo a process for their improvement. The article formats include Editorials, Original Articles, Review Articles, Scientific letters and Letters to the Editor.


Neurology Perspectives is a platform for scientific information whose quality is recognized by professionals interested in neurology articles published in English and Spanish.

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Vol. 2. Issue 3.
Pages 111-192 (July - September 2022)
Original article
Experience with erenumab: Data from real clinical practice
E. Morales Bacas, J.C. Portilla Cuenca, V. Romero Cantero, I. García Gorostiaga, M. Martínez Acevedo, I. Casado-Naranjo
Open access
Knowledge about ischaemic stroke in a school community in Bogota, Colombia
C. Romero, G. Romero, M. Gaviria- Carrillo
Open access
Genetic characterization of Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophies and Pompe Disease in a large Argentine cohort
M. Schiava, C. Marchesoni, M.L. García de Rosa, N. Estrada, L.L. Cejas, A. Pardal, L. Pirra, L. Repetto, A. Torres, A. Dubrovsky, R. Reisin
Open access
Real-world data on the effectiveness and safety of teriflunomide in patients with relapsing–remitting multiple sclerosis: The EFFECT study
Mª.C. Durán Herrera, M.D. Sánchez, E. Aguera, C. Muñoz, A. Alonso, C. Arnal, J. Dotor, J. Barrero, M. Gómez, J. Caballero-Villarraso, L.L. Hernández, E. Cancho, M. Romera, T. Gavilán, F. Castellanos, R. Espinosa, L. Forero, R. Querol-Pascual, A.M. Roa-Montero, V.P. de Colosía Rama, A.G. Plata, F.P. Parrado
Open access
Can COVID-19 pandemic worsen previous neurological/psychiatric diseases?
A. Fleury, M.A. Del Rio Quiñones, L. Aguirre-Cruz, A. Toledo, I. Murrieta, K. Santiago, E. Uribe, L. Miranda, V. Toledo, W. Soto, D. Sánchez, L. Cruz
Open access
Deep brain stimulation in neurological diseases and other pathologies
G. Marín, C. Castillo-Rangel, L. Salomón-Lara, L.A. Vega-Quesada, C.J. Zarate Calderon, C.D. Borda-Low, J.E. Soto-Abraham, G.A. Coria-Avila, J. Manzo, L.I. García-Hernández
Open access
Brain abscess: A narrative review
M.A. Ruiz-Barrera, A.F. Santamaría-Rodríguez, O.F. Zorro
Open access
Scientific letter
Atypical presentation of giant spinal arachnoid cyst
J. Castro-Castro, G. García-Catalán, O. Lista-Martínez, E.Y. Moreno-Morales
Open access
A new case of Dias-Logan syndrome: A previously unreported de novo pathogenic BCL11A variant (c.1076_1100)
MJ. Sanchez-Soler, M. Perez-Laencina, A.T. Serrano-Antón, E. Guillén-Navarro
Open access
Super-refractory status epilepticus in pregnancy: A clinical challenge
S. Giménez-Roca, F. Sellés-Galiana, T. Canet-Sanz, A. Aliaga-Díaz
Open access
An atypical Horner syndrome
A. Boix Lago, J. Gutiérrez Naranjo
Open access
MAPT gene mutation in familiar progressive supranuclear palsy, a case report
M. Rodríguez, H. Kreinter, N. Zapa, O. Oliveros, C. Jiménez
Open access
Asymptomatic cystic dilatation of a perivascular space after embolisation of a middle cerebral artery aneurysm: A case report
J. Martinez-Fernandez, A.J. Mosqueira, M. Blanco-Ulla, J.M. Pumar
Open access
Paraneoplastic myopathy: Diagnostic value of muscle MRI
R. Cuenca Hernández, B. Obispo Portero, J. Herreros Rodríguez, L. Fernandez Vila
Open access
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