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Journal Information
Vol. 30. Issue 2.
Pages 77-187 (April 2017)
The impact of climate on farm inputs in developing countries agriculture
Robert Mendelsohn, Jinxia Wang
Atmósfera. 2017;30:77-86
Open access
Economic growth and carbon dioxide emissions: An analysis of Latin America and the Caribbean
Acel Jardón, Onno Kuik, Richard S.J. Tol
Atmósfera. 2017;30:87-100
Open access
Economic evaluation of climate risk adaptation strategies: Cost-benefit analysis of flood protection in Tabasco, Mexico
Toon Haer, W.J. Wouter Botzen, Jorge Zavala-Hidalgo, Carline Cusell, Philip J. Ward
Atmósfera. 2017;30:101-20
Open access
Population and trends in the global mean temperature
Richard S.J. Tol
Atmósfera. 2017;30:121-35
Open access
Modeling for insights not numbers: The long-term low-carbon transformation
Thomas Schinko, Gabriel Bachner, Stefan P. Schleicher, Karl W. Steininger
Atmósfera. 2017;30:137-61
Open access
Characterizing and attributing the warming trend in sea and land surface temperatures
Francisco Estrada, Luis Filipe Martins, Pierre Perron
Atmósfera. 2017;30:163-87
Open access