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Vol. 29. Issue 1.
(January - February 2024)
Why a pinch of zinc in liver disease matters
Kurt Grüngreiff, Dirk Reinhold, Wolfgang Maret
Ann Hepatol. 2024;29:101152
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Concise reviews
Alcohol-associated liver disease: Epidemiology and management
Helena Hernández-Évole, Natalia Jiménez-Esquivel, Elisa Pose, Ramón Bataller
Ann Hepatol. 2024;29:101162
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Stemness markers in hepatocellular carcinoma of Eastern vs. Western population: Etiology matters?
Caecilia HC Sukowati, Korri El-Khobar, Chyntia Olivia Maurine Jasirwan, Juferdy Kurniawan, Rino Alvani Gani
Ann Hepatol. 2024;29:101153
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A multisociety Delphi consensus statement on new fatty liver disease nomenclature
Mary E. Rinella, Jeffrey V. Lazarus, Vlad Ratziu, Sven M. Francque, Arun J. Sanyal, Fasiha Kanwal, Diana Romero, Manal F. Abdelmalek, ... NAFLD Nomenclature consensus group
Ann Hepatol. 2024;29:101133
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Original articles
Cavin1 activates the Wnt/β-catenin pathway to influence the proliferation and migration of hepatocellular carcinoma
Xingyuan Hao, Jinghua Li, Bin Liu, Wei Jing, Yonghua Guo, Fusheng Liu, Xiaomian Li, Xi Chen, ... Weijie Ma
Ann Hepatol. 2024;29:101160
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A clinical review of congenital hepatic fibrosis diagnosed in adulthood: presentation, complications, and outcomes
Lauren Loeb, Jason Lewis, Zhongwei Peng, Michael G. Heckman, Raouf Nakhleh, Andrew P. Keaveny
Ann Hepatol. 2024;29:101164
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A novel nomogram for predicting HBeAg seroclearance in HBeAg-positive chronic hepatitis B patients treated with nucleos(t)ide analogues
Yan Gu, Yao Zhang, Zhiyi Zhang, Jian Wang, Qing Zhang, Shaoqiu Zhang, Yilin Liu, Jiacheng Liu, ... Chao Wu
Ann Hepatol. 2024;29:101151
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NAFLD is associated with less severe liver fibrosis in chronic hepatitis B: A multi-center, retrospective study
Renling Yao, Sufang Lu, Ruifei Xue, Jian Wang, Yuanwang Qiu, Yuxin Chen, Jiacheng Liu, Li Zhu, ... Chao Wu
Ann Hepatol. 2024;29:101155
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Trajectories of patients relisted for liver transplantation
Fakhar Ali Qazi Arisar, Rhea Varghese, Shiyi Chen, Wei Xu, Markus Selzner, Ian McGilvray, Blayne Sayed, Trevor Reichman, ... Mamatha Bhat
Ann Hepatol. 2024;29:101168
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Global prevalence of occult HBV infection in children and adolescents: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Jiaying Wu, Jiayao He, Hongmei Xu
Ann Hepatol. 2024;29:101158
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Prevalence of occult hepatitis B virus infection and characterisation of hepatitis B surface antigen mutants among adults in western Croatia
Marina Bubonja-Šonje, Dolores Peruč, Maja Abram, Bojana Mohar-Vitezić
Ann Hepatol. 2024;29:101156
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Overall and subgroup prevalence of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and prevalence of advanced fibrosis in the United States: An updated national estimate in National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2011-2018
Tongtong Wang, Yuzhi Xi, Annaswamy Raji, Michael Crutchlow, Gail Fernandes, Samuel S Engel, Xiao Zhang
Ann Hepatol. 2024;29:101154
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Prevalence of post-liver transplant complications and NASH-related cirrhosis in postmenopausal women
Natalia Salinas Parra, Michelle Schafer, Heather M. Ross, John Bruckbauer, Brian Yan, Sarah L. Chen, Adnan Khan, Danielle M. Tholey, Dina Halegoua-DeMarzio
Ann Hepatol. 2024;29:101157
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Letters to the editor
Schistosomiasis: A neglected cause of liver disease in the Philippines
Alexander M. Sy
Ann Hepatol. 2024;29:101166
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Balancing perspectives: Schistosomiasis in the liver disease landscape of the Philippines
Eric David Ornos, Janus P. Ong
Ann Hepatol. 2024;29:101165
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Surgical resection versus transcatheter arterial chemoembolization for large hepatocellular carcinoma: a deeper insight
Aimen Waqar Khan, Sarah Waqar Khan
Ann Hepatol. 2024;29:101163
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Special issue on hot topics in hepatology a multinational perspective
Evolving portal hypertension through Baveno VII recommendations
Manuel Mendizabal, Guilherme Grossi Lopes Cançado, Agustín Albillos
Ann Hepatol. 2024;29:101180
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