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Educación Médica 2017;18 Supl 2:2-7
El valor del idioma español
The value of Spanish language
Carmen Caffarela
a Catedrática de Comunicación Audiovisual, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Fuenlabrada, Madrid, España

Spanish is one of the world great languages, one of the languages of the future. Currently, it is estimated that between 6,000 and 6,500 languages are spoken worldwide, but unfortunately many of them are being lost or will end by doing so. However, Spanish language is in fact in a process of intense geographical expansion across different areas on the planet and it is one of the few growing languages at the beginning of the 21st century across the planet.

The causes than explain the danger of languages disappearing in many cases rely not only in the reduced number of speakers (generally indigenous groups) but also in the fact that sometimes languages are not being used as a communication vehicle in information technologies and in scientific discourse. This forces the speakers to learn a different language, moving the original one to a secondary place. Therefore, the majority of inhabitants on the planet communicate through a very reduced number of languages, with Spanish among them.

This text briefly explains some of the demographic, economic, cultural, social and technological strengths that make Spanish a language of the future, a language of international communication.

Palabras clave
Español, Internacionalización, Economía, Nuevas tecnologías
Spanish, International communication, Economy, Information technology
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