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Vol. 21. Issue S1.
Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility
Pages 1-80 (July 2017)
Guest editorial
Marketing and corporate social responsibility and agenda for future research
L. Marín, A. Lindgreen
Spanish Journal of Marketing - ESIC. 2017;21 Supl 1:1-3

  • Marketing literature confirms that stakeholders will reward responsible companies.

  • CSR and Marketing ultimately represents a dialogue with stakeholders.

  • Future research mixing marketing and CSR would improve our knowledge about CSR.

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Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Moving between broadening the concept of marketing and social factors as a marketing strategy
J.C. Sanclemente-Téllez
Spanish Journal of Marketing - ESIC. 2017;21 Supl 1:4-25

  • The relationship between CSR and Marketing has many perspectives.

  • The current definition of marketing takes into account society as a whole.

  • The link between Marketing and CSR should be strategically used.

  • CSR can improve the company's value delivered to their stakeholders.

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The impact of congruence between the CSR activity and the company's core business on consumer response to CSR
J.V. García-Jiménez, S. Ruiz-de-Maya, I. López-López
Spanish Journal of Marketing - ESIC. 2017;21 Supl 1:26-38

  • Consumer responses under CSR campaign and company's core business congruence.

  • Skepticism toward CSR plays a moderating role.

  • Communication efforts should convince consumers that the company's motives are honest.

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Corporate social responsibility, customer satisfaction, corporate reputation, and firms’ market value: Evidence from the automobile industry
J. García-Madariaga, F. Rodríguez-Rivera
Spanish Journal of Marketing - ESIC. 2017;21 Supl 1:39-53

  • CSR and Market Value (MV) relationship has to be understood in a long term scenario.

  • Certain CSR issues may lead to companies’ better financial performance.

  • Customer Satisfaction mediates the CSR–MV relationship.

  • There is a gap between what companies communicate ant what they really do.

  • Stakeholder relations management seems to be critical for corporate success.

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The influence of the types of media on the formation of perceived CSR
P. Mercadé-Melé, S. Molinillo, A. Fernández-Morales
Spanish Journal of Marketing - ESIC. 2017;21 Supl 1:54-64

  • This study analyzes the moderating effect of the types of media on CSR perception.

  • Perceived CSR changes depending on the medium used to communicate the activity.

  • In a newspaper the firm-cause fit influences CSR both directly and indirectly.

  • In the social network the relationship above is only indirect.

  • Corporate credibility and CSR are more intensively related in the social network.

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Consumer attitudes in the election of functional foods
I. Küster-Boluda, I. Vidal-Capilla
Spanish Journal of Marketing - ESIC. 2017;21 Supl 1:65-79

  • Attitudes towards functional foods directly influence the consumption willingness.

  • A healthy lifestyle has no effect on the attitudes towards functional foods.

  • Lifestyle influences the willingness to use functional foods in a negative manner.

  • Certain motivators and barriers positively influence the healthy lifestyle.

  • Motivators influence healthy lifestyles more significantly in women than men.

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