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Articles in press are accepted, peer reviewed articles that are not yet assigned to volumes/issues, but are citable using DOI. More info

Ovarian fibromatosis: “The black garland sign”
M. Santos Urios, C. García Espasa, L. Concepción Aramendía
Available online 21 May 2021
Pulmonary artery obstruction index, pulmonary artery diameter and right ventricle strain as prognostic CT findings in patient with acute pulmonary embolism
S. Hajiahmadi, F. Tabesh, A. Shayganfar, F. Shirani, S. Ebrahimian
Available online 19 May 2021
Inguinal hernia plugs mimicking abdominal wall invasion of bladder cancer — A potential imaging pitfall
P.I. Causa Andrieu, M. Tzeng
Available online 1 May 2021
Oropharyngeal neuroglial choristoma with extension into the parapharyngeal space
A. Vaz, P. Bosquirolli Maffezzolli, B. Maurício Pedrazzani
Available online 1 May 2021
Diagnostic approach to small-bowel wall thickening: Beyond Crohn’s disease and cancer
E. Marín-Díez, J. Crespo del Pozo
Available online 23 March 2021
Impact of risk factors on the efficacy and complications of ultrasound-guided percutaneous liver biopsy of space-occupying lesions
R. Varela-Ponte, N. Martínez-Lago, M. Vieito-Villar, J. Martin Carreira-Villamor
Available online 17 March 2021
Correlation between imaging findings and hormonal markers at the onset of puberty in girls
J. Reina-Alzate, M.F. Saldarriaga, M.A. Londoño, J. Diego Osorio, M.M. Tamayo-Ortiz
Available online 14 March 2021
Ultralow-dose CT of the petrous bone using iterative reconstruction technique, tin filter and high resolution detectors allows an adequate assessment of the petrous bone structures
M. Novoa Ferro, E. Santos Armentia, N. Silva Priegue, C. Jurado Basildo, C.A. Sepúlveda Villegas, C. Delgado Sánchez-Gracián
Available online 10 March 2021
Acute pulmonary embolism: Appropriateness of emergency department management according to clinical guidelines
A.J. Láinez-Ramos-Bossini, S. Moreno-Suárez, M.C. Pérez-García, R. Gálvez-López, F. Garrido Sanz, M. Rivera-Izquierdo
Available online 9 March 2021
Radioembolization in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma: a series of 53 cases
P. Oliván-Sasot, D. Pérez-Enguix, P. Bello-Arques, I. Torres-Espallardo, M. Falgás-Lacueva, A.M. Yepes-Agudelo, C. Olivas-Arroyo
Available online 9 March 2021
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