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Vol. 27. Issue 6.
Pages 319-384 (July - August 2012)
Original articles
Spanish normative studies in a young adult population (NEURONORMA young adults project): Guidelines for the span verbal, span visuo-spatial, Letter-Number Sequencing, Trail Making Test and Symbol Digit Modalities Test
F. Tamayo, M. Casals-Coll, G. Sánchez-Benavides, M. Quintana, R.M. Manero, T. Rognoni, L. Calvo, R. Palomo, ... J. Peña-Casanova
Neurologia. 2012;27:319-29
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Cerebellar infarction: Prognosis and complications of vascular territories
L.M. Cano, P. Cardona, H. Quesada, P. Mora, F. Rubio
Neurologia. 2012;27:330-5
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Congenital cytomegalovirus infection and cortical/subcortical malformations
I. Pascual-Castroviejo, S.I. Pascual-Pascual, R. Velásquez-Fragua, J. Viaño López
Neurologia. 2012;27:336-42
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Movement analysis of upper extremity hemiparesis in patients with cerebrovascular disease: A pilot study
F. Molina Rueda, F.M. Rivas Montero, M. Pérez de Heredia Torres, I.M. Alguacil Diego, A. Molero Sánchez, J.C. Miangolarra Page
Neurologia. 2012;27:343-7
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Acute transverse myelitis in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A retrospective cohort study of 8 years follow-up
M. Chaves, J.I. Rojas, L. Patrucco, E. Cristiano
Neurologia. 2012;27:348-53
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Review article
Does Alzheimer's disease exist in all primates? Alzheimer pathology in non-human primates and its pathophysiological implications (I)
A. Toledano, M.I. Álvarez, A.B. López-Rodríguez, A. Toledano-Díaz, C.I. Fernández-Verdecia
Neurologia. 2012;27:354-69
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Historical note
Phineas Gage and the enigma of the prefrontal cortex
A. García-Molina
Neurologia. 2012;27:370-5
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Letters to the editor
Whipple's disease: Multiple systemic and neurological relapses. Reply
A. Labiano-Fontcuberta, J. Benito-León
Neurologia. 2012;27:376
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Recurrence in Whipple's disease. Response to a reply
R.O. Domínguez, I. Davolos
Neurologia. 2012;27:377
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Cerebral death is not a synonym of whole brain death
J.J. Egea-Guerrero, J. Revuelto-Rey, E. Gordillo-Escobar
Neurologia. 2012;27:377-8
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Recurrent reversible posterior encephalopathy syndrome with a response to nimodipine
J.A. Matías-Guiu, S. García-Ptacek, C.M. Ordás, A. Marcos-Dolado, J. Porta-Etessam
Neurologia. 2012;27:378-80
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Atypical presentation of Terson syndrome: Presentation of a case
A.V. Sánchez Ferreiro, L. Muñoz Bellido
Neurologia. 2012;27:380-1
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In memoriam
Eduardo Rico Arias (1973–2011)
M. Payán Ortiz
Neurologia. 2012;27:382
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Book review
Book review
M. Murie Fernández
Neurologia. 2012;27:383
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