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Vol. 1. Núm. 1.
Páginas e6 (Octubre - Diciembre 2013)
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Vol. 1. Núm. 1.
Páginas e6 (Octubre - Diciembre 2013)
DOI: 10.1016/S2395-9215(16)30114-3
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The importance of diffusion
La importancia de la difusión
J Arturo Fernández Pedrero*
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A mandate was made 2013 years ago, and although it had a very specific intention, mankind has adopted and practiced it throughout history, thus allowing ways, customs, culture, knowledge and discoveries to be transmitted from generation to generation, causing the unceasing progress of human beings since the dawn of civilization up until our days, Go ye therefore and teach all...

Diffusion is the name of the game, and it has been practiced in different ways: oral, written, or electronic; from person to person, to specific audiences or massively, to associated professionals or as it is done nowadays, with indiscriminate universality by multicasting on computer networks. No matter the means, the intention is the same: make known what we know and know what others know.

A great part of the recently created knowledge is jealously guarded because its possession and exclusive use allowpre-eminenceamong states. Fortunately, in our area of competence, Odontology, this is not so. The dramatic advancements that result from unpublished investigations are globally known, and the clinical practice in Mexico is similar to that practiced in any country of the world; all of this thanks to the diffusion of the creation of new materials and of techniques for their use, the diffusion of new knowledge regarding the cause and effect relations of oral, dental, and craniofacial pathologies,and, last but not least,the diffusion of preventive behaviours related to problems that have to do with population mobility.

To sum up, with this text we try to point out the enormous importance of knowledge diffusionand, therefore, we celebrate the introduction of this publication, which, in a specialized manner, will allow orthodontic professionals to have recent and significant information that will result, without a doubt, in a more effective care for their patients.


Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, UNAM

Copyright © 2013. Facultad de Odontología, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
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