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Vol. 2. Núm. 1.
Páginas 1-30 (Enero - Febrero 2017)
Obesity in oncology: How do you tackle an ever expanding real-world concern?
Susana Couto Irving
Porto Biomed J. 2017;2:1-3
Open access
Why medical community should take biodiversity loss seriously?
Tari Haahtela
Porto Biomed J. 2017;2:4-5
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Review article
Comfort, well-being and quality of life: Discussion of the differences and similarities among the concepts
Sara Pinto, Laís Fumincelli, Alessandra Mazzo, Sílvia Caldeira, José Carlos Martins
Porto Biomed J. 2017;2:6-12

  • The distinction among the concepts of comfort, well-being and QoL is often unclear.

  • This ambiguity can lead to redundancies, gaps, and knowledge dispersion.

  • The concepts are not surrogate terms but related concepts sharing common attributes.

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Original articles
Satisfaction with a therapeutic sleeve for arm lymphedema secondary to breast cancer treatment: Controlled crossover trial
F. Osório, L. Ferro, L. Garrido, A. Henriques, J. Cruz, R. Fangueiro, J.L. Fougo, A. Azevedo
Porto Biomed J. 2017;2:13-7

  • Secondary lymphedema is a late iatrogenic side effect of breast cancer treatment.

  • Despite multimodal decongestive therapy in their daily life breast cancer survivors with lymphedema have few alternatives but to use a compressive sleeve.

  • Concerned with the well-known low compliance to the daily use of traditional sleeves, we conducted a comparative study to evaluate the subjective assessment of an innovative class 1 compression sleeve.

  • We concluded that the PRADEX® sleeve, not being worse in its compressive efficacy, is much better with regard to patient comfort.

Open access
Evaluation of spinal posture using Microsoft Kinect™: A preliminary case-study with 98 volunteers
A.P.G. Castro, J.D. Pacheco, C. Lourenço, S. Queirós, A.H.J. Moreira, N.F. Rodrigues, J.L. Vilaça
Porto Biomed J. 2017;2:18-22
Open access
A transmission electron microscopy study of anticoagulant-induced platelet vesiculation
Bahaa Hadi Almhanawi, Bahariah Khalid, Tengku Azmi Ibrahim, Eusni Rahayu Mohd Tohit
Porto Biomed J. 2017;2:23-7

  • EDTA induces platelet microparticles (PMPs) vesiculation.

  • Sodium citrated tubes are better than EDTA tubes in PMPs analysis.

  • Sodium citrate has a minor impact on platelet structure.

Open access
Images in biomedicine
Congenital dacryocystocele in infant: A rare cause of eye swelling
Fábio Barroso, Renato Silva, Catarina Mendes
Porto Biomed J. 2017;2:28-9
Open access
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