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Vol. 2. Issue 6.
Pages 247-346 (November - December 2017)
Original article
Is there a T.R.U.M.P. brain? Implications for mental health and world peace
Óscar F. Gonçalves, Paulo S. Boggio
Porto Biomed J. 2017;2:247-9

  • Specific mind-brain processes are associated with political attitudes.

  • The risks of a T.R.U.M.P. mindset are highlighted.

  • An alternative G.A.N.D.H.I. mindset is suggested.

Open access
Information of patients with life-threatening diseases: A survey of the attitude of Portuguese family practitioners
José A. Ferraz Gonçalves, Carla Almeida, Joana Amorim, Rita Baltasar, Joana Batista, Yusianmar Borrero, João Pedro Fallé, Igor Faria, ... Rita Xavier
Porto Biomed J. 2017;2:250-3

  • The attitudes of family physicians regarding breaking bad news are heterogeneous.

  • Younger doctors seem to see the delivery of bad news more positively.

  • This trend suggests that there will be a more open communication in the future.

Open access
Transition to the family caregiver role in Portugal
Patrícia Fernandes Antunes, Paulo Alexandre Oliveira Marques
Porto Biomed J. 2017;2:254-9

  • This paper identifies a set of constraints experienced by FC in the caregiver role.

  • This paper identifies difficulties experienced by FC.

  • Urgent care nurses should address the FC constraints and difficulties.

Open access
Association between body dissatisfaction and bullying in children of socioeconomically vulnerable areas
Marcela Almeida Zequinão, Pâmella de Medeiros, Helena Rafaela Vieira do Rosário, Andreia Pelegrini, Luis Lopes, Beatriz Pereira, Fernando Luiz Cardoso
Porto Biomed J. 2017;2:260-4

  • The association between body image, body composition and school bullying was evaluated.

  • 409 children with 11.14 years in high social vulnerability in Brazil participated.

  • Victim–aggressor bullying participants are dissatisfied with thinness.

  • Girls aged 8–10 years and with high fat % have dissatisfaction with excess.

  • Body dissatisfaction showed associations with body composition and bullying.

Open access
Comorbidities impact on the prognosis of severe acute community-acquired pneumonia
Ana Vidal, Lurdes Santos
Porto Biomed J. 2017;2:265-72

  • Host comorbidities impact on prognosis of severe community-acquired pneumonia.

  • Association of severity indexes, clinical and analytic parameters at admission and patient comorbidities with mortality.

  • Characterization of severe community-acquired pneumonia patients admitted to ICU.

Open access
Botulinum toxin improves pain in chronic anal fissure
Hugo Amorim, José Santoalha, Rui Cadilha, Maria-José Festas, Paula Barbosa, Armanda Gomes
Porto Biomed J. 2017;2:273-6

  • Chronic anal fissure is a common condition associated with intense pain.

  • Local botulinum toxin injection is a valid option in its management.

  • Pain intensity scores significantly improved after BoNT injection.

  • Side effects were rare and mild.

  • Our results support the inclusion of BoNT in the management algorithm of chronic anal fissure.

Open access
Family physicians’ opinions on and difficulties with breaking bad news
José António Ferraz Gonçalves, Carla Almeida, Joana Amorim, Rita Baltasar, Joana Batista, Yusianmar Borrero, João Pedro Fallé, Igor Faria, ... Rita Xavier
Porto Biomed J. 2017;2:277-81

  • Breaking bad news is still deemed a difficult task by family physicians.

  • Family physicians feel they need training in breaking bad news.

  • The family physicians’ attitude to this issue is different from what they would wish if they themselves had a life-threatening disease.

Open access
“Living together with dementia”: Training programme for family caregivers – A study protocol
Lia Sousa, Carlos Sequeira, Carme Ferré-Grau, Pedro Neves, Mar Lleixá-Fortuño, Ana Monteiro, Joana Meireles, Madalena Pinto, Tiago Gomes
Porto Biomed J. 2017;2:282-6

  • The increased incidence of dementia places the family in the role of caregiver.

  • It is important to create, to implement and to validate training programmes for family caregivers of people with dementia living at home.

  • The programme “Living together with dementia” addressed in this protocol seeks to be a response to empower these caregivers.

Open access
Prediction of cardiovascular risk in preterm neonates through urinary proteomics: An exploratory study
Estela Cabral, Henrique Soares, Hercília Guimarães, Rui Vitorino, Rita Ferreira, Tiago Henriques-Coelho
Porto Biomed J. 2017;2:287-92

  • Urine proteomics allows the identification of the pathways modulated in neonates.

  • Up-regulated pathways in preterm include immunity, metabolism and oxidative stress.

  • Some of these pathways seem to be modulated by the nutritional support.

  • AGT and RBP4 might be related to the development of cardiovascular diseases.

Open access
Cosmos caudatus extract/fractions reduce smooth muscle cells migration and invasion in vitro: A potential benefit of suppressing atherosclerosis
Said Moshawih, Manraj S. Cheema, Zaid O. Ibraheem, Nirmala Devi Tailan, Muhammad Nazrul Hakim
Porto Biomed J. 2017;2:293-300

  • Cosmos caudatus Ethanolic extract fractionation by n-butanol produced a phenolics-saponin rich fraction.

  • Cosmos caudatus butanol fraction was the most potent in all antioxidant and MTT assays.

  • High concentrations of all fractions increased cells migration and invasion in vitro.

  • Butanol fraction intermediate concentration maximally inhibited VSMC migration and invasion.

  • Mild concentrations of crude and butanol fractions showed the best invasion inhibition index.

Open access
Blood pressure and phosphate level in diabetic and non-diabetic kidney disease: Results of the cross-sectional “Low Clearance Consultation” study
Margarida Mendes, Luis Resende, Alves Teixeira, João Correia, Gil Silva
Porto Biomed J. 2017;2:301-5

  • A statistically significant and moderate positive correlation was verified between systolic blood pressure and plasma phosphate concentration in the whole sample (diabetic and non-diabetic), due to the diabetic chronic kidney disease group.

  • A statistically significant and moderate positive correlation was verified between the diastolic blood pressure and plasma phosphate concentration in the whole sample (diabetic and non-diabetic), due to the diabetic chronic kidney disease group.

  • A statistically significant and strong negative correlation was found between diastolic blood pressure and estimated glomerular filtration rate in the diabetic chronic kidney disease group, but there was no statistically significant correlation in the whole sample (diabetic and non-diabetic).

Open access
Cervical cancer screening opportunities for Guinea-Bissau
Ivo Julião, Joana Savva-Bordalo, Nuno Lunet
Porto Biomed J. 2017;2:306-10
Open access
Role of platelets in immune system and inflammation
Ozge Sonmez, Mehmet Sonmez
Porto Biomed J. 2017;2:311-4
Open access
Review article
The impact of folic acid supplementation on gestational and long term health: Critical temporal windows, benefits and risks
Carla Silva, Elisa Keating, Elisabete Pinto
Porto Biomed J. 2017;2:315-32

  • Associations between FA supplementation in pregnancy and effects on offspring's NTDs, allergy/respiratory problems, cancer and behaviour problems as been studied.

  • There is growing concern about the effects of excessive FA supplementation, whether in terms of doses or times of exposure.

  • FA supplementation in the periconceptional period is protective against NTDs while in later periods it could be deleterious.

  • A daily dose of 0.4mg FA in the periconceptional period seems to be effective and safe.

Open access
The impact of exercise training on adipose tissue remodelling in cancer cachexia
Rita Ferreira, Rita Nogueira-Ferreira, Rui Vitorino, Lúcio Lara Santos, Daniel Moreira-Gonçalves
Porto Biomed J. 2017;2:333-9
Open access
Case report
Monitoring the extracorporeal photopheresis by immunophenotyping in a Sézary syndrome patient
Tânia Rodrigues, Sérgio Lopes, Catarina Pinho, Susana Roncon
Porto Biomed J. 2017;2:340-3
Open access
Images in biomedicine
Iron pill-induced gastroduodenopathy
Rui Morais, Armando Ribeiro, David Paiva, Elisabete Rios, Susana Rodrigues, Guilherme Macedo
Porto Biomed J. 2017;2:344-6
Open access
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