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Vol. 18. Issue 73.
Pages 187-220 (October - December 2016)
Twenty-five years of knowledge of the prevention of neural tube defects with folic acid
L.E. Martínez-Garza
Medicina Universitaria. 2016;18:187-8
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Original articles
Laparoscopic training by use of a physical simulator and its application in the general surgery residency
A.J. Guerrero-Hernández, J.T. Palacios-Zertuche, F.J. Reyna-Sepúlveda, G.E. Muñoz-Maldonado
Medicina Universitaria. 2016;18:189-93
Open access
Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha, prognosis and stroke subtype etiology
H. Flores-Cantú, F. Góngora-Rivera, F. Lavalle-González, J.Z. Villarreal-Pérez, D. Cantú-Sánchez, A. Anaya-Escamilla, H.J. Villarreal-Montemayor, H.J. Villarreal-Velázquez
Medicina Universitaria. 2016;18:194-200
Open access
The College Adjustment Scales (CAS) test and recent students’ school performance upon entry into a medical school
J.L. Iglesias-Benavides, E. Blum-Valenzuela, A.V. López-Tovar, A.M. Espinosa-Galindo, A.M. Rivas-Estilla
Medicina Universitaria. 2016;18:201-4
Open access
Antibiotic self-medication in university students from Trujillo, Peru
M. Núñez, M. Tresierra-Ayala, F. Gil-Olivares
Medicina Universitaria. 2016;18:205-9
Open access
Letter to the editor
Multidisciplinary College Camp for Services and Research (CUMIS) in Colombia: Experience and perspectives
D.M. Bados-Enriquez, D.E. Arboleda-Prado, A.F. Rincón-Zapata, Y. Ortiz-Martínez
Medicina Universitaria. 2016;18:210-1
Open access
Review article
Impact of air pollution in respiratory allergic diseases
S.N. González-Díaz, A. Arias-Cruz, C. Macouzet-Sánchez, A.B. Partida-Ortega
Medicina Universitaria. 2016;18:212-5
Open access
Expert's corner: a personal approach
The complete blood count in the early diagnosis of acute leukemia in children
O. González Llano
Medicina Universitaria. 2016;18:216-8
Open access
Glucose tolerance test as a tool in the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus
J.F. Ovalle Berumen
Medicina Universitaria. 2016;18:219-20
Open access