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Inicio Medicina Universitaria The value of personal experience in academic medicine
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Vol. 16. Issue 63.
Pages 45 (April 2014)
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Vol. 16. Issue 63.
Pages 45 (April 2014)
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The value of personal experience in academic medicine
D.. Gómez-Almaguera
a Editor
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In today's scientific world, there is a requirement for studies to be controlled, randomized, "blinded", etc. for small, medium or major decision-making, nearly at the risk of being excommunicated or even worse. This is a world full of guidelines, consensus, and the information of "evidence-based medicine". Thus, we wonder if there is still a place for the voice of personal experience, or the existence of an "expert" in medicine.

Young scientists in the health field quickly search for data on their smartphones or computers and may obtain objective data, generally from sources originating in the developed world. This will occasionally go against the word of an experienced doctor, who suggests a particular action. Dogma and autocracy are outdated and out of context, which is reasonable and logical; nevertheless, taking this practice to the extreme can mechanize medicine and paradoxically make it more complicated and sometimes more costly, and not necessarily more beneficial to the patient. This is particularly important in countries like ours with significant economic restraints.

If everything must be based on evidence, guides and consensus, what will happen to the innovative and revolutionary ideas, the audacity and art which in my opinion every doctor should try to find in his day-to-day practice. That is why Medicina Universitaria has created a space so that doctors with experience in a specific field and academic practice can elaborate on short topics related to their area of influence, without the pressure of having to follow a certain tendency or guideline; in other words, for them to tell us their personal opinion, more in the sense of the now-called "personalized medicine", rather than following consensus and guides. For this reason, starting with this issue we have included a section called: "Expert Corner: A Personal Approach" in which each guest writer will have between 1500-2000 words to offer us his personal ideas and recommendations about a specific scientific topic.

Medicina Universitaria will continue supporting studies with the highest quality, which follow a strict rigorous scientific method and are based on the best evidence. There is no cause for confusion, we are simply welcoming the personal opinions of experienced doctors, scientists and scholars with a University spirit.

* Corresponding author:

Service of Hematology, "Dr. José Eleuterio González"

University Hospital, Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León.

Francisco I. Madero and Avenida Gonzalitos, Mitras Centro, Z.P.

64460, Monterrey, N. L. Mexico.

Telephone: (+52 81) 8348 8510.

E-mail address
: dgomezalmaguer@gmail.com (D. Gómez-Almaguer).

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