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Journal Information
Vol. 34. Issue 1.
Pages 1-76 (January - February 2024)
Precision nursing and personalized care
Víctor Manuel González Chordá
Enferm Clin. 2024;34:1-3
Original articles
Effectiveness of nursing interventions in the prevention of falls in older adults in the community and in health care settings: A systematic review and meta-analysis of RCT
María Isabel Orts-Cortés, María José Cabañero-Martínez, Cristóbal Meseguer-Liza, Claudia P. Arredondo-González, Carmen de la Cuesta-Benjumea, Eva Abad-Corpa
Enferm Clin. 2024;34:4-13
Evaluation of a group intervention based on Mindfulness in patients with anxiety and depression cared for in mental health community center: a quasy-experimental study
Clara Fort-Rocamora, Rocío Casañas, Ana Torres-Torres, Laia Mas-Expósito, Maria González, M. Teresa Carbonero-Judez
Enferm Clin. 2024;34:14-22
Anxiety and depression in pregnancy: associated variables during the COVID-19 pandemic period
Carmen Paz-Pascual, Isabel Artieta-Pinedo, Paola Bully, Arturo Garcia-Alvarez, Maite Espinosa
Enferm Clin. 2024;34:23-33
Web 2.0 as a new support for breastfeeding: Perception of mothers and professionals through a qualitative approach
Ana Isabel Díaz-Cano, Ana Esplugues-Cebrián
Enferm Clin. 2024;34:34-48
Determination of body image and self-efficacy levels in patients after cornea transplantation
Hasan Genç, Seher Tanrıverdi, Mehmet Ali Şen
Enferm Clin. 2024;34:49-55
Brief original articles
Associated factors to the cognitive function among indonesian older adult living in nursing home
Antonius Ngadiran, Amin Husni, Dian Ratna Sawitri, Blacius Dedi, Maria Suryani
Enferm Clin. 2024;34:56-60
Evidence-based nursing
Evidence of the acupuncture points stimulation for the treatment of hypogalactia: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Mario Alberto Bautista-Hernández, Liliana Argueta-Figueroa, Daniel Cuauhtémoc Gómez-Jiménez, Rafael Torres-Rosas
Enferm Clin. 2024;34:61-73
Letters to the editor
Regulatory frameworks for nursing competency credentials
Luis Utor Ponce, Lourdes Guanter Peris, Francisca Rosa Jiménez López, Marisa de la Rica Escuín
Enferm Clin. 2024;34:74-5
The importance of the patient safety culture in the clinical field
Claudia Patricia Cañadas-Aragón
Enferm Clin. 2024;34:75-6
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