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Boletín de la Sociedad Española de Cerámica y Vidrio
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Vol. 61. Issue 4.
Pages 263-382 (July - August 2022)
Bol Soc Esp Ceram Vidr. 2022;61:263
Open access
Synthesis and processing of SOFC components for the fabrication and characterization of anode supported cells
Aritza Wain-Martin, Roberto Campana, Aroa Morán-Ruiz, Aitor Larrañaga, María Isabel Arriortua
Bol Soc Esp Ceram Vidr. 2022;61:264-74
Open access
The effect of CuO additive on the mechanical and radiation shielding features of Li2B4O7–Pb2O3 glass system
K.A. Mahmoud, M.I. Sayyed, Abdullah M.S. Alhuthali, M.Y. Hanfi
Bol Soc Esp Ceram Vidr. 2022;61:275-83
Open access
New glass-ceramic from ternary–quaternary mixtures based on Colombian industrial wastes: Blast furnace slag, cupper slag, fly ash and glass cullet
Estefania Montoya-Quesada, Mónica A. Villaquirán-Caicedo, Ruby Mejía de Gutiérrez
Bol Soc Esp Ceram Vidr. 2022;61:284-99
Open access
Effects of shell-thickness on the powder morphology, magnetic behavior and stability of the chitosan-coated Fe3O4 nanoparticles
Pablo Arévalo-Cid, Josefa Isasi, Amador C. Caballero, Fátima Martín-Hernández, Ramón González-Rubio
Bol Soc Esp Ceram Vidr. 2022;61:300-12
Open access
Alkali-activated binders based on the coarse fraction of municipal solid waste incineration bottom ash
Alex Maldonado-Alameda, Jessica Giro-Paloma, Jofre Mañosa, Joan Formosa, Josep Maria Chimenos
Bol Soc Esp Ceram Vidr. 2022;61:313-24
Open access
Improving the sustainability of ceramic tile-making by mixing spray-dried and dry-granulated powders
Roberto Soldati, Chiara Zanelli, Giuseppe Cavani, Lorenzo Battaglioli, Guia Guarini, Michele Dondi
Bol Soc Esp Ceram Vidr. 2022;61:325-35
Open access
Water oxidation electrocatalyst: A new application area for Ruthner powder waste material
Soghra Ghorbanzadeh, Seyyed Alireza Hosseini, Amin Taghdiri, Mostafa Alishahi
Bol Soc Esp Ceram Vidr. 2022;61:336-46
Open access
Kinematics of glass to crystal phase transformation in novel multi-component glassy Se–Te–Sn–M (M=Sb, In, Cd) alloys
Namrata Chandel, Neeraj Mehta, Alaa Dahshan
Bol Soc Esp Ceram Vidr. 2022;61:347-56
Open access
Bayesian assessment of surface recession patterns in brick buildings with critical factors identification
E. Menéndez, L.M. Gil Martín, Y. Salem, L. Jalón, E. Hernández-Montes, M.C. Alonso
Bol Soc Esp Ceram Vidr. 2022;61:357-73
Open access
Industry-scalable wall tile composition based on circular economy
Javier Castellano, Vicente Sanz, Eugeni Cañas, Enrique Sánchez
Bol Soc Esp Ceram Vidr. 2022;61:374-82
Open access