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Boletín de la Sociedad Española de Cerámica y Vidrio
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ISSN: 0366-3175

The Journal of the Spanish Ceramic and Glass Society publishes scientific articles and communications describing original research and reviews relating to ceramic materials and glasses. The main interests are on novel generic science and technology establishing the relationships between synthesis, processing microstructure and properties of materials. Papers may deal with ceramics and glasses included in any of the conventional categories: structural, functional, traditional, composites and cultural heritage.

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Vol. 60. Issue 4.
Pages 205-272 (July - August 2021)
Editorial n4 2021
Bol Soc Esp Ceram Vidr. 2021;60:205
Open access
Mechanical properties of mortar containing recycled Acanthocardia tuberculata seashells as aggregate partial replacement
Daniel Suarez-Riera, Alessandra Merlo, Luca Lavagna, Roberto Nisticò, Matteo Pavese
Bol Soc Esp Ceram Vidr. 2021;60:206-10
Open access
Caracterización arqueométrica (físico-química y microestructural) de azulejos en el palacio mudéjar del Real Alcázar de Sevilla mediante métodos químicos cuantitativos no invasivos
J.L. Pérez-Rodríguez, M.D. Robador, J. Castaing, L. de Viguerie, M.A. Garrote, A. Pleguezuelo
Bol Soc Esp Ceram Vidr. 2021;60:211-28
Open access
Metakaolin and demolition wastes in eco-based sand consolidated concrete
Khalil Lazaar, Walid Hajjaji, Bechir Moussi, Fernando Rocha, Jao Labrincha, Fakher Jamoussi
Bol Soc Esp Ceram Vidr. 2021;60:229-42
Open access
Enzyme immobilization using two processing methods onto silica core-shell particles
Milan P. Nikolić, Vladimir B. Pavlović, Slobodanka Stanojević-Nikolić, Vladimir V. Srdić
Bol Soc Esp Ceram Vidr. 2021;60:243-54
Open access
Microstructure, hardness and flexural strength of Ni/Al2O3 FGMs by pressure-less sintering with different cooling rates
K. Ananta Bhaskararao, G. Ranga Janardhana
Bol Soc Esp Ceram Vidr. 2021;60:255-65
Open access
Effect of antimony content on electrical and structural properties of 0.98(K0.48Na0.52)0.95Li0.05Nb1−xSbxO3–0.02Ba0.5(Bi0.5Na0.5)0.5ZrO3 ceramics
Brenda Carreño-Jiménez, María Elena Villafuerte-Castrejón, Armando Reyes-Montero, Rigoberto López-Juárez
Bol Soc Esp Ceram Vidr. 2021;60:266-72
Open access