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Vol. 61. Issue S1.
Manuscripts on Advanced Ceramics dedicated to the memory of Professor Víctor M. Orera
Pages S1-S2 (January 2022)
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Vol. 61. Issue S1.
Manuscripts on Advanced Ceramics dedicated to the memory of Professor Víctor M. Orera
Pages S1-S2 (January 2022)
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Rosa I. Merino1, Miguel A. Laguna-Bercero1
Instituto de Nanociencia y Materiales de Aragón, Universidad de Zaragoza – CSIC, Spain
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Special issue
This article is part of special issue:
Vol. 61. Issue S1

Manuscripts on Advanced Ceramics dedicated to the memory of Professor Víctor M. Orera

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Víctor Orera, at the XLV Congress of the SECV, photo courtesy of Dr. Pedro J. Sánchez Soto.

Víctor Orera was our first teacher and scientific father in the laboratory. With him we also learned that research, like any human activity, must be honest and contribute to improving the world around us. He was very passionate about science, dedicated and naturally optimistic. When we were having a bad day at the lab, he had a knack for finding the silver lining in an apparently unsuccessful outcome. Until retirement, he was the leader of our Research Group, Processing and Characterization of Structural and Functional Ceramics, PROCACEF, at the Institute of Materials Science of Aragon, ICMA, an institute that he contributed to found and develop. ICMA has recently become part of the Aragon Institute of Nanoscience and Materials (INMA), from where we write these words.

From the start, dedicated to the investigation of defects in solids, Víctor contributed to create reference knowledge and to set the trend. Throughout his career, he tackled varied topics with courage, depth and rigor, obtaining relevant results and recognition. He studied the physical and optical properties of glasses and materials for high temperature lasers; made original models for defects in the zirconia technological ceramic; investigated the solidification and mechanical properties of directionally solidified oxide eutectic ceramics based on Al2O3, where many of his works are now a reference in the field; started a research line on eutectics for functional applications (photonic and electrochemical); promoted the implementation of highly applied research in fuel cells and solid-state electrolyzers at the institute; among others. More recently, he was enthusiastic about the study of archaeological ceramic materials in collaboration with his wife Pilar. And, out of inexhaustible curiosity, he was always interested in other scientific topics, even if they were not his specialty.

He held management positions at ICMA, the University of Zaragoza, and the Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC). He was a member and Fellow of scientific societies and of the Royal Academy of Sciences of Zaragoza. He also worked for the Spanish Society of Ceramics and Glass, SECV, being the president of the Section of Basic Science and member of the editorial committee of the Journal, the Bulletin of the Spanish Society of Ceramics and Glass (BSECV). In the accompanying photography we can see Victor at the XLV Congress of the SECV (Seville, November 2005).

Víctor took care of those around him, also setting a trend in the way of doing research. His legacy is still present in the current investigations of many of us. In representation of his coworkers, although his is a very small tribute, we want to dedicate this special issue of the BSECV to his memory. We also would like to thank the SECV for giving us this possibility of recognition to one of its members. In particular, to Pedro J. Sánchez Soto for his suggestion to pay tribute from here and to Amador Caballero, editor-in-chief of the BSECV, for allowing us to carry it out. The shape is our responsibility. Thanks also to those of you who have contributed to the issue with your work and sincere dedications.

The issue includes a very small selection of current research from the journal's scope, carried out by colleagues and friends who shared research with Víctor throughout his career. We are sure that there are many more who, had they been invited, would have agreed to submit dedicated manuscripts. We express regret for these omissions as we know there should be much more contributions in this issue.

We are confident that this issue will be of interest to the journal's regular readers, as well as many more. Also take a little time to read the text by some of his friends who preface the issue. We hope that his memory will help us to be better persons and scientists. ¡Hasta siempre!

Guest Editors.

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