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Special content about coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) in Boletín de la Sociedad Española de Cerámica y Vidrio

Effect of Ta 2 O 5 content on the microstructural properties of 45S5 bioglass glass-ceramic scaffolds
Cindy Sinaí Veláquez-González, Ena Athenea Aguilar-Reyes, Carlos Alberto León-Patiño
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Uncorrected Proof. Available online 18 May 2024
Glass with a low-melting temperature belonging to the P 2 O 5 –CaO–Na 2 O system, applied as a coating on technical ceramics (alumina, zirconia) and traditional ceramics (porcelain stoneware)
Luis Antonio Díaz, Marta Suárez, Jose Florindo Bartolomé, Sonia Lopez-Esteban, Belén Cabal, Arnaldo Moreno, María del Carmen Bordes, Adolfo Fernández, Carlos Pecharromán, José Serafin Moya
Bol Soc Esp Ceram Vidr. 2024;63:104-14
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Cost-efficient natural apatite–metakaolin supported TiO 2 mesoporous membrane for dye removal applications
Youssef Guesmi, Ibtissem Ounifi, Mohamed Khabbouchi, Hassen Agougui, Amor Hafiane, Miguel A. Rodríguez
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Available online 16 November 2023
CTAB-mediated lithium disilicate branched structures as superb adsorbents to remove Mn 2+ in water
Hui Zhang, Bo Sun, Ying Qian, Tao Yang, Wenge Chen
Bol Soc Esp Ceram Vidr. 2023;62:418-27
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Sustainable glasses in the SiO 2 –P 2 O 5 –CaO–K 2 O system from waste and concentrated solar power
Maximina Romero, Isabel Padilla, Luisa Barbieri, Fernanda Andreola, Aurora López-Delgado
Bol Soc Esp Ceram Vidr. 2023;62:233-42
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Cristalización de vidrios bioactivos del sistema 31SiO 2 -11P 2 O 5 -(58-X) CaO –X MgO: influencia del tratamiento térmico y de la composición química
Mónica Monsalve, Esperanza López, Fabio Vargas, Oscar Higuera
Bol Soc Esp Ceram Vidr. 2022;61:697-707
Open access
Structure–property relationship and spectroscopic studies of BaO–B 2 O 3 oxide glasses containing ZnO for optical applications
Saeid M. Elkatlawy, A.M. Abdel-Ghany, I.S. Yahia, H.A. Abd El-Ghany, Hosam M. Gomaa
Bol Soc Esp Ceram Vidr. 2022;61:733-44
Open access
Rapid removal of fluoride from water using core@shell and @shell nanoparticles of SiO 2 @ZrO 2 and @ZrO 2 . Investigation of the mechanisms involved and impact of elemental leaching
Iván Maisuls, Yolanda Castro, Alicia Durán, Dominic Larivière, Pablo M. Arnal
Bol Soc Esp Ceram Vidr. 2022;61:576-84
Open access
The role of Tb 2 O 3 in enhancement the properties of the La 2 O 3 –P 2 O 5 glass system: Mechanical and radiation shielding study
Aljawhara H. Almuqrin, Mohamed Y. Hanfi, Mohammed I. Sayyed, Karem Mahmoud, Hanan Al-Ghamdi, Dalal Abdullah Aloraini, Badriah Albarzan
Bol Soc Esp Ceram Vidr. 2022;61:595-603
Open access
Ablation resistance of graphite coated by spark plasma sintered ZrB 2 –SiC based composites
Sadegh Ali Akbarpour Shalmani, Manoochehr Sobhani, Omid Mirzaee, Mohammad Zakeri
Bol Soc Esp Ceram Vidr. 2022;61:604-10
Open access