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Vol. 6. Issue 2.
Pages 63-138 (July - December 2020)
The Coronavirus pandemic and the principle of common good
Evandro Agazzi
Bioethics UPdate. 2020;6:63-6
Original articles
The pandemic and the ethical dilemma of limited resources: Who to treat?
Laura Palazzani
Bioethics UPdate. 2020;6:67-79
Enseñanzas de la pandemia COVID-19. El reencuentro con la vulnerabilidad humana
M. de la Luz Casas Martínez
Bioethics UPdate. 2020;6:80-91
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Open Article
The role of philosophy in the pandemic era
G. Lourdes Velázquez
Bioethics UPdate. 2020;6:92-100
De la sociedad maquinal a la sociedad de la vida y la biósfera
Luis Felipe Abreu-Hernández
Bioethics UPdate. 2020;6:101-14
Is keeping my child from getting the MMR vaccine unethical? Bioethical arguments for informed decision-making
Maria O. Valenzuela-Almada, Benito E. Michel-Izeta, Stéphanie Derive
Bioethics UPdate. 2020;6:121-38

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