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Información de la revista
Vol. 2. Núm. 3.
Páginas 69-96 (Mayo - Junio 2017)
Topical use of probiotics: The natural balance
Freni Kekhasharú Tavaria
Porto Biomed J. 2017;2:69-70
Open access
Review article
Dynamic nuclear polarisation: The future of imaging in oncology?
Eva M. Serrao, Kevin M. Brindle
Porto Biomed J. 2017;2:71-5
Open access
Original articles
Effects of oculomotor and gaze stability exercises on balance after stroke: Clinical trial protocol
Carla Pimenta, Anabela Correia, Marta Alves, Daniel Virella
Porto Biomed J. 2017;2:76-80

  • Balance problems after stroke are an important risk factor for falling.

  • The inability to maintain balance decreased potential for recovery.

  • This trial assesses the effect of oculomotor and gaze stability training on balance.

Open access
Rituximab in generalized myasthenia gravis: Clinical, quality of life and cost–utility analysis
João Peres, Rita Martins, José Delgado Alves, Ana Valverde
Porto Biomed J. 2017;2:81-5

  • Rituximab use in MG patients lead to the reduction of relapses and to a lesser use of immunosuppressive agents in our series.

  • Rituximab use in our MG patients decreased healthcare costs after treatment, comparing to the pre-treatment period.

  • Rituximab is a clinical effective treatment for B cell-related diseases like MG and seems to be a cost–saving intervention.

Open access
The influence of inspiratory muscle training on lung function in female basketball players - a randomized controlled trial
Tiago Vasconcelos, Andreia Hall, Rui Viana
Porto Biomed J. 2017;2:86-9
Open access
A brief history of bariatric surgery
Gil R. Faria
Porto Biomed J. 2017;2:90-2
Open access
Case report
Polymyalgia rheumatica and pulmonary adenocarcinoma: A case report and literature review
Sara Coelho, Helena Magalhães, Jorge Correia, Adriana Magalhães, Patrícia Lourenço
Porto Biomed J. 2017;2:93-5
Open access
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