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Vol. 10. Issue 1.
Pages 3-142 (July - December 2017)
State Power and the Enforcement of Prohibition in Mexico
Dawn Paley
Mexican Law Review. 2017;10:3-20
Open access
The Need to Remove the Civil Code from Mexican Commercial Laws: the Case of “Offers” and “Firm Promises”
Raúl Iturralde González
Mexican Law Review. 2017;10:21-44
Open access
The Recognition of Foreign Law: Foreign Maritime Liens Under Mexican Law
Abraham Alejandro Servín Caamaño
Mexican Law Review. 2017;10:45-67
Open access
Rejection of Executory Contracts: A Comparative Economic Analysis
Susana Dávalos
Mexican Law Review. 2017;10:69-101
Open access
Minority Rights for Immigrants: From Multiculturalism to Civic Participation
Elisa Ortega Velázquez
Mexican Law Review. 2017;10:103-26
Open access
The Consumption of Marijuana from A Legal and Philosophical Viewpoint
Guillermo José Mañón Garibay
Mexican Law Review. 2017;10:129-42
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