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International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology
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Vol. 18. Issue 3.
Pages 189-282 (September - December 2018)
Original articles
Global Collaborative Team Performance for the Revision of the International Classification of Diseases: A Case Study of the World Health Organization Field Studies Coordination Group
Jessy Guler, Michael C. Roberts, María Elena Medina-Mora, Rebeca Robles, Oye Gureje, Jared W. Keeley, Cary Kogan, Pratap Sharan, ... Geoffrey M. Reed
Int J Clin Health Psychol. 2018;18:189-200
Open access
Well-being in major depression and social phobia with and without comorbidity
Hanna Wersebe, Roselind Lieb, Andrea H. Meyer, Marcel Miche, Thorsten Mikoteit, Christian Imboden, Jürgen Hoyer, Klaus Bader, ... Andrew T. Gloster
Int J Clin Health Psychol. 2018;18:201-8
Open access
Prevalence and correlates of ICD-11 adjustment disorder: Findings from the Zurich Adjustment Disorder Study
Axel Perkonigg, Louisa Lorenz, Andreas Maercker
Int J Clin Health Psychol. 2018;18:209-17
Open access
Changes in psychological well-being among older Lithuanian city dwellers: Results from a cohort study
Laura Sapranaviciute-Zabazlajeva, Dalia Luksiene, Dalia Virviciute, Daina Kranciukaite-Butylkiniene, Martin Bobak, Abdonas Tamosiunas
Int J Clin Health Psychol. 2018;18:218-26
Open access
Cognitive factors associated with depression and anxiety in adolescents: A two-year longitudinal study
Samuel M.Y. Ho, Darren Wai Tong Dai, Christine Mak, Katy Wing Kei Liu
Int J Clin Health Psychol. 2018;18:227-34
Open access
Polydrug use trajectories and differences in impulsivity among adolescents
Víctor Martínez-Loredo, José Ramón Fernández-Hermida, Alejandro de La Torre-Luque, Sergio Fernández-Artamendi
Int J Clin Health Psychol. 2018;18:235-44
Open access
Sexism and sexual risk behavior in adolescents: Gender differences
Tamara Ramiro-Sánchez, María Teresa Ramiro, María Paz Bermúdez, Gualberto Buela-Casal
Int J Clin Health Psychol. 2018;18:245-53
Open access
Comparison between two continuous performance tests for identifying ADHD: Traditional vs. virtual reality
Celestino Rodríguez, Débora Areces, Trinidad García, Marisol Cueli, Paloma González-Castro
Int J Clin Health Psychol. 2018;18:254-63
Open access
Validation of the Visual Analogue Scale for Anxiety-Revised and school refusal across anxiety profiles
Aitana Fernández-Sogorb, Cándido J. Inglés, Ricardo Sanmartín, Carolina Gonzálvez, María Vicent, y José Manuel García-Fernández
Int J Clin Health Psychol. 2018;18:264-72
Open access
Short Form of the Social Anxiety Scale for Adolescents among community and institutionalized Portuguese youths
Cristina Nunes, Lara Ayala-Nunes, Pedro Pechorro, Annette M. La Greca
Int J Clin Health Psychol. 2018;18:273-82
Open access