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Articles in press are accepted, peer reviewed articles that are not yet assigned to volumes/issues, but are citable using DOI. More info

Use of an assessment system for the allocation of human resources in the intrahospital transport of the patient admitted to an intensive care unit
M. Vila-Vidal, A. Estruga-Asbert, R. Jam-Gatell
Available online 28 April 2024
Interevaluator reliability of a tool for measuring body height in adult intensive care patients
H.A. Payán-Salcedo, J.L. Estela-Zape, L.P. Chanchi-Quintero, E.C. Wilches-Luna
Available online 17 April 2024
The comfort perception in the critically ill patient from the Kolcaba theoretical model
M.D. Gonzalez-Baz, E. Pacheco-del Cerro, M.I. Durango-Limárquez, A. Alcantarilla-Martín, R. Romero-Arribas, J. Ledesma-Fajardo, M.N. Moro-Tejedor
Available online 28 March 2024
Appropriateness of behavioural scales in the monitoring of pain in the critically ill patient unable to self-report
G. Robleda-Font, C. López-López, I. Latorre-Marco, J. Pozas-Peña, D. Alonso-Crespo, O. Vallés-Fructuoso, A. Castanera-Duro
Available online 27 March 2024
Patient satisfaction with nursing care in an Intensive Care Unit measured through the Nursing Intensive-Care Satisfaction Scale (NICSS)
A. Mir-Tabar, L. Pardo-Herrera, A. Goñi-Blanco, M.T. Martínez-Rodríguez, R. Goñi-Viguria
Full text access
Open Article
Available online 25 March 2024
Gender perspective in the implementation of hygiene in cardiology intensive care
S. Pérez-Ortega, M. Parellada-Vendrell, E. Querol, J. Prats, M. Venturas, A. Zabalegui
Available online 17 March 2024
Non-pharmacological interventions to reduce physical restraints in critical care units
G. Via-Clavero, M. Acevedo Nuevo, D. Gil-Castillejos, J.J. Rodríguez Mondéjar, D. Alonso Crespo
Available online 9 March 2024
Nursing care plan for a patient with Fournier’s gangrene: Clinical case
I. Lorenzo-Ruiz
Full text access
Open Article
Available online 9 March 2024
Ultrasound-guided puncture vs conventional technique for arterial blood gas analysis sampling in adults: A systematic review
P. Romo-Miguel, S. Ballesteros-Peña
Available online 7 March 2024
Cognitive predictors and decision-making in the experience of coronary syndrome symptoms
C.Y. Bernal-Cárdenas, V.M. Céspedes-Cuevas, J. Rojas-Reyes
Available online 21 January 2024
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