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Vol. 28. Issue 2.
Pages 81-166 (July - December 2016)
Special issue on new challenges in energy materials
Water management in PEMFC: 1-D model simulations
D.S. Falcão, C. Pinho, A.M.F.R. Pinto
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2016;28:81-7
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Key issues to high electroactivity for methanol oxidation and oxygen reduction of Pt-based supported catalyst in fuel cells relevant environment
A.I. de Sá, A. Capelo, A. Esteves, L. Cangueiro, A. Almeida, R. Vilar, C.M. Rangel
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2016;28:88-98
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Instrumentation and characterization of materials for hydrogen storage
Edivagner S. Ribeiro, João M. Gil
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2016;28:99-105
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New process for simultaneous removal of CO2, SOX and NOX
S.P. Santos, A.P. Duarte, J.C. Bordado, J.F. Gomes
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2016;28:106-11
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Low-temperature short-time nitriding of Va-group metals, V, Nb and Ta, in uncracked NH3 gas under heating with concentrated solar power (CSP)
J.C. Fernandes, F.A.C. Oliveira, L.G. Rosa, J. Rodríguez, I. Cañadas, T. Magalhães, N. Shohoji
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2016;28:112-6
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Electrical and electrochemical properties of titanium dioxide /graphene nano platelets cathode for magnesium battery applications
M.H. Makled, Y.M. Arabi, E. Sheha, S. Arfa, I.S. Yahia, F. Salman
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2016;28:117-23
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Research on materials and renewable energy
Luís Gil
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2016;28:124-9
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Regular papers
Effect of TiO2 nanotubes developed on pure titanium substrates on the mechanical performance of titanium-titanium single-lap adhesive joints
G.C. Papanicolaou, D.V. Portan, G.N. Petropoulos, L.C. Kontaxis
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2016;28:130-7
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Viscoelastic behaviour and modelling of nano and micro TiO2 powder-epoxy resin composites
G.C. Papanicolaou, L.C Kontaxis, A.E. Manara
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2016;28:138-46
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Strategies on implementing a potential self-healing functionality in a composite structure
X. Tsilimigkra, A. Baltopoulos, S. Tsantzalis, A. Kotrotsos, N. Siakavellas, V. Kostopoulos, S. Flórez
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2016;28:147-54
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Improved mechanical properties of magneto rheological elastomeric composite with isotropic iron filler distribution
Sneha Samal, Jarmil Vlach, Pavel Kavan
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2016;28:155-61
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Virtual bronchoscopy method based on marching cubes and an efficient collision detection and resolution algorithm
Catalin Ciobirca, Teodoru Popa, Gabriel Gruionu, Thomas Lango, Hakon Olav Leira, Stefan Dan Pastrama, Lucian Gheorghe Gruionu
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2016;28:162-6
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