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Vol. 28. Issue 1.
Pages 1-80 (January - June 2016)
Special issue on cellular materials
Light-metal foams: Some recent developments
J. Banhart, G.S. Vinod-Kumar, P.H. Kamm, T.R. Neu, F. García-Moreno
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2016;28:1-4
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A new class of closed-cell aluminium foams reinforced with carbon nanotubes
I. Duarte, E. Ventura, S. Olhero, J.M.F. Ferreira
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2016;28:5-8
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Geometrical and mechanical analysis of various types of cellular metals
M. Vesenjak, Z. Ren
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2016;28:9-13
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Deformation behaviour of self-expanding magnesium stents based on auxetic chiral lattices
V.H. Carneiro, H. Puga
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2016;28:14-8
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Dynamic compressive behaviour of aluminium foams fabricated from rejected precursor materials
I. Duarte, M. Vesenjak, L. Krstulović-Opara
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2016;28:19-22
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Biomimetic cork-based CeO2 ecoceramics for hydrogen generation using concentrated solar energy
R.C. Pullar, L. Gil, F.A.C. Oliveira
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2016;28:23-8
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Two different techniques used in the production of foam structures: 3D printing and glass foaming
C. Marques, H.R. Fernandes, F.H. Perera, P. Miranda, J.M.F. Ferreira
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2016;28:29-33
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Assessment of acoustic, thermal and mechanical properties of epoxy composites reinforced with expanded clay particles
T. Branquinho, C. Capela, J.A.M. Ferreira, J.D. Costa
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2016;28:34-9
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Asymptotic expansion homogenisation and topology optimisation of cellular materials
J. Dias-de-Oliveira, J. Pinho-da-Cruz, F. Teixeira-Dias
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2016;28:40-6
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Regular papers
Multilayer nitride coating performance optimized by an artificial neural network approach
R.K. Upadhyay, L.A. Kumaraswamidhas
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2016;28:47-54
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Environmental and economic life cycle assessment of polymers and polymer matrix composites: a review
C.A. Bernardo, Carla L. Simões, Lígia M. Costa Pinto
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2016;28:55-9
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Densification behavior of floor tiles added with sugarcane bagasse ash waste
M.A.S. Schettino, F.B. Siqueira, J.N.F. Holanda
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2016;28:60-6
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Material and shape crash-box influence on the evaluation of the impact energy absorption capacity during a vehicle collision
Gabriel Jiga, Ştefan Stamin, Gabriela Dinu, Daniel Vlăsceanu, Dorina Popovici
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2016;28:67-72
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