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Inicio Archivos de la Sociedad Española de Oftalmología (English Edition) Efficacy of the SENSIMED Triggerfish® in the postoperative follow-up of PHACO-E...
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Vol. 92. Issue 8.
Pages 372-378 (August 2017)
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Vol. 92. Issue 8.
Pages 372-378 (August 2017)
Original article
Efficacy of the SENSIMED Triggerfish® in the postoperative follow-up of PHACO-ExPRESS combined surgery
Eficacia del SENSIMED Triggerfish® para el seguimiento postoperatorio de la cirugía combinada FACO-ExPRESS
V. Osorio-Alayo
Corresponding author

Corresponding author.
, V.T. Pérez-Torregrosa, R. Clemente-Tomás, Á. Olate-Pérez, M. Cerdà-Ibáñez, A. Gargallo-Benedicto, A. Barreiro-Rego, A. Duch-Samper
Servicio de Oftalmología, Hospital Clínico Universitario de Valencia, Valencia, Spain
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Table 1. Data of the 12 studied cases and their circadian patterns comprising obtained data (number of medicaments, BCVA, IOP-G and curve amplitude) before and after surgery, detailing times of the day where IOP-S produced the highest fluctuation (Acrophase).

To determine the usefulness of the SENSIMED Triggerfish® system in the postoperative control of combined phacoemulsification and ExPRESS implant (PHACO-ExPRESS) surgery in patients with cataract and chronic open angle glaucoma (COAG) during a 2 months follow-up.


A prospective study conducted on 15 eyes that were subjected to PHACO-ExPRESS combined surgery. Using the SENSIMED Triggerfish® system, two records of the circadian patterns of intraocular pressure (IOP) were performed, one before and one after surgery. A record was made of the best corrected visual acuity (BCVA), comorbidities, previous IOP, and 7–30–60 days after surgery, as well as any hypotensive drugs and complications.


The final sample was 12 eyes. The mean pre-operative BCVA (log MAR chart) before surgery was 0.5±0.2, and after surgery 0.14±0.1 (p=0.02). The previous IOP was 18.7±3.8mmHg with 2.9±0.7 drugs. The mean IOP at 7, 30, and 60 days after surgery decreased to 13±4.1mmHg (p=0.002), 13.5±2mmHg (p=0.001), and 13.9±2.5mmHg (p=0.001), respectively. The amplitudes of the circadian curves changed significantly after surgery (p=0.007). The mean values between daytime and night-time periods decreased significantly from 146.8±80.9mVeq and 61.2±92mVeq before surgery to 36.4±36mVeq (p=0.000), and −23,2±47.6mVeq (p=0.014) after surgery, respectively. There were complications in one patient.


The SENSIMED Triggerfish® monitoring system showed changes in the curves of the circadian patterns, as well as decreased mean amplitudes after the combined PHACO-ExPRESS technique, suggesting that it may become a useful tool for postoperative follow-up of COAG.

Glaucoma open-angle
Intraocular pressure fluctuation
Sensimed triggerfish
Contact lens sensor

Estudiar la utilidad del sistema SENSIMED Triggerfish® en el control postoperatorio de la cirugía combinada de facoemulsificación e implante ExPRESS (FACO-ExPRESS) en pacientes con catarata y glaucoma primario de ángulo abierto (GPAA) con un seguimiento de 2 meses.


Estudio prospectivo de 15 ojos intervenidos de cirugía combinada FACO-ExPRESS. Utilizando el sistema SENSIMED Triggerfish® (Sensimed AG, Lausanne, Suiza) se realizaron 2 registros de los patrones circadianos de la presión intraocular (PIO), uno previa y otro posterior a la cirugía. Se registró la agudeza visual mejor corregida, comorbilidades, PIO previa y de los días 7–30-60 poscirugía, medicamentos hipotensores y complicaciones.


La muestra final fue de 12 ojos. La agudeza visual mejor corregida (escala Log MAR) media preoperatoria fue 0,5±0,2 y poscirugía 0,4±0,1 (p=0,02). La PIO media previa fue de 18,7±3,8mmHg con 2,9±0,7 fármacos. La PIO media en los días 7, 30 y 60 descendió a 13±4,1mmHg (p=0,002), 13,5±2mmHg (p=0,001) y 13,9±2,5mmHg (p=0,001) respectivamente. Las amplitudes de las curvas circadianas cambiaron significativamente entre antes y después de la cirugía (p=0,007). Los valores medios de los periodos diurno y nocturno disminuyeron significativamente de 146,8±80,9mVeq y 61,2±92mVeq precirugía a 36,4±36mVeq (p=0,000) y –23,2±47,6mVeq (p=0,014) poscirugía, respectivamente. Un paciente presentó complicaciones.


El sistema de monitorización SENSIMED Triggerfish® mostró cambios en los patrones circadianos, así como disminución de las amplitudes medias de las curvas tras la técnica combinada FACO-ExPRESS, lo que sugiere que este sistema puede convertirse en una herramienta útil para el seguimiento postoperatorio del GPAA.

Palabras clave:
Glaucoma ángulo abierto
Fluctuación presión intraocular
Sensimed triggerfish
Sensor lentes de contacto


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