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Vol. 26. Issue C.
Special Issue: The multifaceted aspects of modern hepatology
(December 2021)
Ann Hepatol. 2021;26C:100588
Open access
The multifaceted aspects of modern hepatology
Norberto C. Chavez Tapia, Claudio Tiribelli
Ann Hepatol. 2021;26C:100536
Open access
Concise reviews
Mechanism of cholangiocellular damage and repair during cholestasis
Soraya Salas-Silva, Arturo Simoni-Nieves, Lisette Chávez-Rodríguez, María Concepción Gutiérrez-Ruiz, Leticia Bucio, Luis E. Gomez Quiroz
Ann Hepatol. 2021;26C:100530
Open access
Pregnancy in Chronic Liver Disease: Before and After Transplantation
Amr Dokmak, Hirsh D. Trivedi, Alan Bonder, Jacqueline Wolf
Ann Hepatol. 2021;26C:100557
Open access
Safety and efficacy of human serum albumin treatment in patients with cirrhotic ascites undergoing paracentesis: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Dhan Bahadur Shrestha, Pravash Budhathoki, Yub Raj Sedhai, Ramkaji Baniya, Shila Awal, Jashpal Yadav, Lila Awal, Brian Davis, Markos G. Kashiouris, Casey A. Cable
Ann Hepatol. 2021;26C:100547
Open access
Alternative splicing and liver disease
Marco Baralle, Francisco. E. Baralle
Ann Hepatol. 2021;26C:100534
Open access
Original articles
Adequacy criteria of Tru-cut needle liver biopsy in neonatal cholestasis
Behairy El-Sayed Behairy, Alif Abd El-Hakim Allam, Shymaa Galal Hegazy, Doha Maher Taie, Ahmad Mohamed Sira
Ann Hepatol. 2021;26C:100548

  • Liver biopsy remains a cornerstone in the assessment of diffuse liver diseases.

  • Defining adequacy criteria for liver specimens avoids the impact of sampling errors.

  • Many studies have defined adequacy criteria of adult liver biopsy; however, it is the first study that assesses the adequacy criteria in neonatal cholestasis (NC).

  • A core length of 4 mm with a complete portal tract number (CPT) of 8±3 is considered adequate for NC activity assessment.

  • A core length of 6 mm with a CPT number of 11±3 is required to assess the fibrosis stage adequately in NC.

Open access
Prevalence and predictors of elevated liver enzyme levels in Mexico: The Mexican National Health and Nutrition Survey, 2016
Edgar Denova-Gutiérrez, Laura Lara-Castor, Cesar Hernández-Alcaraz, Mauricio Hernández-Ávila, Carlos Aguilar-Salinas, David Kershenobich, Simón Barquera
Ann Hepatol. 2021;26C:100562
Open access
Hepatitis B core related antigen in relation to intrahepatic and circulating viral markers, before and after combination therapy
Robin Erken, Hans L. Zaaijer, Sophie B. Willemse, Ed Bakker, Bart B. Takkenberg, Henk W. Reesink, Neeltje A. Kootstra
Ann Hepatol. 2021;26C:100540
Open access
Albumin in the management of hepatic encephalopathy: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Isadora Z. Bombassaro, Cristiane V. Tovo, Ângelo Z. de Mattos, Marcelo Ahlert, Talita Chiesa, Angelo A. de Mattos
Ann Hepatol. 2021;26C:100541
Open access
Liver function as a predictor of mortality in COVID-19: A retrospective study
Fikret Salık, Osman Uzundere, Mustafa Bıçak, Hakan Akelma, Mesut Akgündüz, Zeki Korhan, Deniz Kandemir, Cem Kıvılcım Kaçar
Ann Hepatol. 2021;26C:100553
Open access
Maternal smoking during pregnancy is risk factor for gallbladder disease in offspring during adulthood: a prospective study from UK Biobank
Wenxiang Li, Jingjia Liang, Wentao Shao, Cheng Xu, Jin Xu, Zhaoyan Jiang, Aihua Gu
Ann Hepatol. 2021;26C:100558
Open access
Extrahepatic causes of death in cirrhosis compared to other chronic conditions in the United States, 1999-2017
Nagasri Shankar, Azaan Ramani, Connor Griffin, Uchenna Agbim, Donghee Kim, Aijaz Ahmed, Sumeet K. Asrani
Ann Hepatol. 2021;26C:100565
Open access
Hepatic immune-mediatedadverseeffects of immune checkpoint inhibitors: analysis of real-life experience
Joana Alves da Silva, Daniela Falcão, Cláudia Cardoso, Ana Luísa Pires, António Araújo, Fernando Castro-Poças
Ann Hepatol. 2021;26C:100561
Open access
LncRNA EPIC1 promotes proliferation and inhibits apoptosis of gallbladder cancer cells by interacting with LET
Changbo Fu, Lei Nie, Tao Yin, Xuan Xu, Weijun Lu
Ann Hepatol. 2021;26C:100563
Open access
Improvement of renal function prior to liver transplantation is not associated with better long-term renal outcome or survival
Thomas Horvatits, Peter Hübener, Marcel Touma, Karoline Horvatits, Lutz Fischer, Ansgar W. Lohse, Martina Sterneck
Ann Hepatol. 2021;26C:100559
Open access
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