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Vol. 18. Issue 5.
Pages 655-782 (September - October 2019)
The bidirectional relationship between viral hepatitis infections and work
Norberto Chavez-Tapia
Ann Hepatol. 2019;18:655
Open access
Concise reviews
Plants used for the treatment of icterus (jaundice) in Central India: A review
Vandana Janghel, Pushpendra Patel, Saket Singh Chandel
Ann Hepatol. 2019;18:658-72
Open access
Screening for esophageal varices in cirrhotic patients – Non-invasive methods
Ângelo Z. Mattos, Fernando C. Schacher, Guilherme John Neto, Angelo A. Mattos
Ann Hepatol. 2019;18:673-8
Open access
Original articles
Hepatocellular carcinoma is leading in cancer-related disease burden among hospitalized baby boomers
Chiranjeevi Gadiparthi, Eric R. Yoo, Vijay S. Are, Paris Charilaou, Donghee Kim, George Cholankeril, Capecomorin Pitchumoni, Aijaz Ahmed
Ann Hepatol. 2019;18:679-84
Open access
Prevalence of cryoglobulinemia and cryoglobulinemic vasculitis in chronically HCV-infected Brazilian patients
Mariana Freitas-de Aguiar, Anna L. Faria-Janes, Gabriela I. Garcia-Brandes, Christini Takemi-Emori, Maria L. Gomes- Ferraz, Luís E. Coelho- Andrade, Alexandre W. Silva- de Souza
Ann Hepatol. 2019;18:685-92
Open access
Gender-specific differences in clinical and metabolic variables associated with NAFLD in a Mexican pediatric population
Eréndira Villanueva-Ortega, María José Garcés-Hernández, Arturo Herrera-Rosas, Juan Carlos López-Alvarenga, Estibalitz Laresgoiti-Servitje, Galileo Escobedo, Gloria Queipo, Sergio Cuevas-Covarrubias, Guadalupe Nayely Garibay-Nieto
Ann Hepatol. 2019;18:693-700
Open access
The preoperative fibrosis score 4 predicts posthepatectomy liver failure in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma
Jia-Wei Feng, Zhen Qu, Bao-Qiang Wu, Dong-Lin Sun, Yong Jiang
Ann Hepatol. 2019;18:701-7
Open access
Hepatitis C virus infection impacts work productivity and fatigue: An epidemiologic real-life study
Victor de Ledinghen, Bertrand Hanslik, Joseph Moussalli, Si Nafa Si Ahmed, Denis Ouzan, Dominique Larrey
Ann Hepatol. 2019;18:708-14
Open access
Evaluation of response to hepatitis B virus vaccine in adults with human immunodeficiency virus
Arlete F. Rech-Medeiros, Patrícia dos S. Marcon, Cristiane do V. Tovo, Angelo A. de Mattos
Ann Hepatol. 2019;18:725-9
Open access
Acute kidney injury is associated with higher mortality and healthcare costs in hospitalized patients with cirrhosis
Raffi Karagozian, Gaurav Bhardwaj, Dorothy B. Wakefield, Elizabeth C. Verna
Ann Hepatol. 2019;18:730-5
Open access
Evaluation of spleen stiffness in healthy volunteers using point shear wave elastography
Mauro Giuffrè, Daniele Macor, Flora Masutti, Cristiana Abazia, Fabio Tinè, Riccardo Patti, Matteo Rossano Buonocore, Anna Colombo, Alessia Visintin, Michele Campigotto, Lory Saveria Crocè
Ann Hepatol. 2019;18:736-41
Open access
Drug and herb-induced liver injury: A critical review of Brazilian cases with proposals for the improvement of causality assessment using RUCAM
Matheus William Becker, Michele John Muller Lunardelli, Cristiane Valle Tovo, Carine Raquel Blatt
Ann Hepatol. 2019;18:742-50
Open access
Factors associated with occupational and non-occupational viral hepatitis infections in Brazil between 2007–2014
Técia Maria S.C. Cordeiro, Raymundo P. Ferreira Filho, Argemiro D’Oliveira Júnior
Ann Hepatol. 2019;18:751-6
Open access
HIF1a Inhibitor Rescues Acute-on-Chronic Liver Failure
Fang Xie, Jinling Dong, Yueke Zhu, Kefei Wang, Xuemei Liu, Dexi Chen, Qinghua Meng
Ann Hepatol. 2019;18:757-64
Open access
“Hepatic toxicity by methotrexate with weekly single doses associated with folic acid in rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis. What is its real frequency?”
Daniel S. García, Etel I. Saturansky, Daniel Poncino, Yamila Martínez-Artola, Silvia Rosenberg, Gloria Abritta, Carlos Ascimani-Peña, Amerys Cravero
Ann Hepatol. 2019;18:765-9
Open access
Protective effects of mild hypothermia against hepatic injury in rats with acute liver failure
Ying Zhu, Tianxin Xiang, Dali Hu, Bairu Shi, Wenyuan Zhang, Shouhua Zhang, Xiaoping Wu
Ann Hepatol. 2019;18:770-6
Open access
Case report
Anaphylaxis preceded by erythema multiforme with sorafenib: First case report
Augusto Mantovani, Mário Reis Álvares-Da-Silva
Ann Hepatol. 2019;18:777-9
Open access
ALEH Newsletter
Ann Hepatol. 2019;18:780
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CASL Newsletter
Ann Hepatol. 2019;18:781
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