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Vol. 19. Núm. 76.
Páginas 109-148 (Julio - Septiembre 2017)
Effective medicine and the economy
D. Gómez-Almaguer, J.C. Jaime-Pérez
Medicina Universitaria. 2017;19:109-10
Open access
Original articles
Association between ischiotibial muscle flexibility, functional capacity and pain in patients with knee osteoarthritis
P.P. Flores-Garza, Ó.A. García-Espinoza, K. Salas-Longoria, Ó. Salas-Fraire
Medicina Universitaria. 2017;19:111-4
Open access
Analgesic effect of whole body cryotherapy in patients with trapezius myofascial pain syndrome: A longitudinal, non-blinded, experimental study
Ó.A. García-Espinoza, Ó. Salas-Fraire, P.P. Flores-Garza, K. Salas-Longoria, J.A. Valadez-Lira
Medicina Universitaria. 2017;19:115-22
Open access
Association between peripheral arterial disease and diabetic foot ulcers in patients with diabetes mellitus type 2
M.Á. Tresierra-Ayala, A. García Rojas
Medicina Universitaria. 2017;19:123-6
Open access
Scientific letter
The use of DTT in the resolution of the interferences generated by daratumumab in the blood bank
M.C. Barrientos-Soto, M. Castañeda-García, A. Herrera-García, S. Padilla-López, M.A. Dimas-Adame, R. Cazares-Tamez
Medicina Universitaria. 2017;19:127-30
Open access
Review article
Early initiation of renal replacement therapy in acute renal injury
O. Torres Aguilar, R.J. Maya Quintá, G. Rodríguez Prieto, M. Leal, J.F. Castilleja Leal
Medicina Universitaria. 2017;19:131-9
Open access
Expert's corner: a personal approach
Distal radius fractures: Still a common problem
C. Acosta-Olivo
Medicina Universitaria. 2017;19:140-2
Open access
Actinomycetoma by Nocardia brasiliensis: A neglected disease and a surprising laboratory for experimental medicine
M.C. Salinas-Carmona
Medicina Universitaria. 2017;19:143-4
Open access
Child and adolescent obesity
L.G. Hinojosa Amaya
Medicina Universitaria. 2017;19:145-8
Open access