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About the journal

The Gaceta Mexicana de Oncología (GAMO) (Mexican Oncology Gazette) is a high-quality scientific Open Access journal that informs healthcare professionals on the most relevant and updated advances on research and education, in order to offer cancer patients multidisciplinary, state of the art care.

It is the official scientific and academic diffusion publication of the Mexican Society of Oncology (SMeO). Regular numbers are published online every two months, in addition to several supplements throughout the year.

Its spaces are open to the SMeO members, as well as to any member of the medical community (both national and international) interested in using this publication to communicate his/her works under the standards of the journal editorial policies.

It is the journal of choice for oncologists in matters of research and education on surgical, medical, pediatric, gynecologic, hematologic and radiation oncology, as well as on detection, diagnosis, follow-up and rehabilitation supportive disciplines, fields where different specialties involved in the management of the cancer patient do participate.

About the journal

The mission of the GAMO consists in serving its readers in: 1) representation and promotion of the oncology profession throughout the country and the world; 2) promotion of standards of the highest quality in the practice of multidisciplinary care for the cancer patient; 3) providing educational materials on cancer and support the training of investigators, using printed and electronic media; 4) promotion of both clinical and translational cancer research, with special emphasis on clinical trials; 5) facilitate the professional development of trainee oncologists and their transition to academic practice, fostering the interest on care for the community; 6) promotion of public policies and support and guidance instruments for the cancer patient.

Editorial Board and Committee

The Editorial Board and Committee are comprised of different experts in the field of oncology from multiple institutions, both national and international. The Editorial Board is structured based on the editorial sections that reflect the contents of the journal. Each section is directed by a section editor who supervises peer reviewing of the works by experts on the relevant area or subject. The Editorial Board Members are regular collaborators of the journal and are appointed to a 2-year period. The Editor in Chief has a 4-year period with option to a second period for the same time.

Publication guidelines

The journal is subject to international publication guidelines that indicate how a manuscript must be prepared to be able to be published, aspects on edition and publication of articles and ethical considerations that have to be followed in the communication of results.

Article types

The journal includes several types of articles. According to the structure, focus, contents, scope and purposes of the document, they can be classified as:

  • Editorial
  • Original articles
  • Review articles
  • Clinical cases

The articles can support their proposals, findings and conclusions using tables and images.

The articles are subject to peer review as a control method with regard to quality and veracity of the contents.