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Información de la revista
Vol. 35. Núm. 2.
Páginas 51-83 (Enero 2011)
Original article
Doctors’ acceptance of recommendations for patients with the opportunity for pharmacotherapy improvement
M.A. López-Montenegro Soria, M. Climente Martí, N.V. Jiménez Torres
Farm Hosp. 2011;35:51-7
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Management by objectives and its impact on specialist prescription quality at discharge and in external consultations
M. Olmo, L. Galvan, J. Capdevila, C. Serna, I. Mangues, J.A. Schoenenberger
Farm Hosp. 2011;35:58-63
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Electronically assisted prescription will minimise drug transcription errors
S.E. García-Ramos, G. Baldominos Utrilla
Farm Hosp. 2011;35:64-9
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Brief report
Reusing cytostatics in a centralised pharmacy preparation unit
S. Ramos Linares, J. Merino Alonso, N. Román González, E. Tévar Alfonso, P. Díaz Ruíz, M. Gorchs Molist
Farm Hosp. 2011;35:70-4
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Assessment of the effectiveness and safety of natalizumab for treating relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis
M.J. Fernández-Megía, B. Casanova, M.J. Magraner, I. Font-Noguera, J.L. Poveda-Andrés
Farm Hosp. 2011;35:75-9
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Stability and compatibility of the mixture of tramadol, ketorolac, metoclopramide and ranitidine in a solution for intravenous perfusion
J. Cabrera, M. Mancuso, F. Cabrera-Fránquiz, J. Limiñana, A. Díez
Farm Hosp. 2011;35:80-3
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