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Información de la revista
Vol. 29. Núm. 1.
Materiais 2015
Páginas e1-e280 (Enero - Abril 2017)
Influence of heat treatments on the sensitization of a supermartensitic stainless steel
S.S.M. Tavares, M.R. Silva, J.M. Pardal, M.B. Silva, M.C.S. de Macedo
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e1-8
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Correlation between the Meyer's law parameters and the wear resistance of chromium white cast irons
L. Goyos, A. Varela, S. Castellanos, A. García, J. Mier, M. Moors
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e9-e14
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Effect of heat treatments on Ni-Ti endodontic files
F.M. Braz Fernandes, A.R. Alves, A. Machado, J.P. Oliveira
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e15-8
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Functionally graded NiTi shape memory alloys
F.E. Ferreira, A.R. Alves, J.P. Oliveira, F.M. Braz Fernandes
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e19-22
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Influence of ageing treatment on the thermophysical characteristics and mechanical properties of forging wire Ni-rich NiTi alloy for superelastic applications
P.F. Rodrigues, F.M.B. Fernandes, E.N. Texeira, S. Baptista, A.S. Paula, J.P. Oliveira
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e23-6
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The use of thermal analysis to predict the dendritic coherency point on nodular cast iron melts
Vítor Anjos, Rüdiger Deike, Carlos Silva Ribeiro
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e27-33
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Experimental characterization of ceramic shells for investment casting of reactive alloys
Rui Neto, Teresa Duarte, Jorge Lino Alves, Francisco Torres
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e34-9
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Effect of the chemical milling process on the surface of titanium aluminide castings
Rui Neto, Teresa Duarte, Jorge Lino Alves, Francisco Torres, João Pinto
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e40-5
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Effect of explosive ratio on explosive welding quality of copper to aluminium
A. Loureiro, R. Mendes, J.B. Ribeiro, R.M. Leal
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e46-50
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Effect of heat input on microstructure and strength of welds in tantalum and niobium alloys
M. Bexiga, A. Tavares, F. Melo, A. Loureiro
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e51-5
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Residual stress field and distortions resulting from welding processes: numerical modelling using Sysweld
Tiago R. Lima, Sérgio M.O. Tavares, Paulo M.S.T. de Castro
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e56-61
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In the search of nanocrystallinity in tool-steel chips
S.C. Godinho, R.F. Santos, M.T. Vieira
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e62-4
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Upward and downward unsteady-state directional solidification of a hypoeutectic Al-3wt.%Mg alloy
C. Brito, F. Bertelli, M.A.P. Castanho, P.R. Goulart, N. Cheung, J.E. Spinelli, A. Garcia
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e65-70
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Study of nanomechanical properties of (1-y)BST-yMgO thin films
Dionizy Czekaja, Agata Lisińska-Czekaja, Julian Plewab
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e71-5
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A comparison of methodologies for fatigue analysis of shafts: DIN 743 vs. approaches based on Soderberg criterion
S.M.O. Tavares, P.M.S.T. de Castro
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e76-81
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Microstructure and mechanical properties of Al/SiC composite surface layer produced by friction stir processing
C.M. Abreu, R. Acuña, M. Cabeza, M.J. Cristóbal, P. Merino, D. Verdera
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e82-6
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Optimization of MWCNT – Metal Matrix Composites feedstocks
T.J. Ferreira, M.T. Vieira
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e87-91
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Study on damping capacity and dynamic Young's modulus of aluminium matrix composite reinforced with SiC particles
S. Madeira, G. Miranda, D. Soares, F.S. Silva, O. Carvalho
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e92-6
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Effects of carbon nanotube modified adhesive layer on low velocity impact and flexural properties of cork core sandwich structures
I.A. Lopes, F.P. Macedo, A.J. Arteiro, A.L. Reis, P.R. Nóvoa, A.T. Marques
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e97-e101
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3D-reinforcement techniques for co-bonded CFRP/CFRP and CFRP/metal joints: a brief review
M. Tiago von H.P.F. Silva, Pedro P. Camanho, António T. Marques, Paulo M.S.T. Castro
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e102-7
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Design of a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) using a carbon fibre reinforced polymer and filament winding
L. Fernandes, Rui F. Martins, Paulo P. Silva
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e108-13
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Strength and failure modes of single-L adhesive joints between aluminium and composites
N.R.E. Domingues, J.C. Trojan, R.D.S.G. Campilho, R.J.C. Carbas, M.D. Banea, L.F.M. da Silva
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e114-8
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Shear cohesive law estimation of adhesive layers by digital image correlation
A.C.C. Leitão, R.D.S.G. Campilho, J.C.S. Azevedo
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e119-23
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Shear fracture toughness and cohesive laws of adhesively-bonded joints
J.C.S. Azevedo, R.D.S.G. Campilho, F.J.G. Silva
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e124-9
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In vitro study of platelet behaviour on titanium surface modified by plasma
J.O. Vitoriano, C. Alves, D.C. Braz, H.A. Rocha, R.C. Lima da Silva
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e130-4
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Neuro-muscular regeneration using scaffolds with mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) isolated from human umbilical cord Wharton's jelly
A.R. Caseiro, T. Pereira, J. Ribeiro, J.D. Santos, I. Amorim, A.L. Luís, A.C. Maurício
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e135-9
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Microreactors with embedded nanofibres manufactured by electrodynamic focusing
Ana Neilde R. da Silva, Demétrius S. Gomes, Rogerio Furlan, Maria Lúcia P. da Silva
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e140-5
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Local Surface Plasmon Resonance of metallic nanoparticles embedded in amorphous silicon
A. Fantoni, M. Fernandes, Y. Vigranenko, M. Vieira
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e146-50
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Alternative low cost based core systems for vacuum insulation panels
Flávia A. Almeida, Jorge Corker, Nuno Ferreira, Miguel A. Neto, Mizi Fan, Hermann Beyrichen, Roland Caps
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e151-6
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High-volume fly ash paste for developing ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC)
Iman Ferdosian, Aires Camões, Manuel Ribeiro
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e157-61
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Mechanical behaviour analysis of polyester polymer mortars reinforced with tire rubber fibres
S.P.B. Sousa, M.C.S. Ribeiro, E.M. Cruz, G.M. Barrera, A.J.M. Ferreira
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e162-6
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Mechanical behaviour assessment of unsaturated polyester polymer mortars filled with nano-sized Al2O3 and ZrO2 particles
S.P.B. Sousa, M.C.S. Ribeiro, P.R.O. Nóvoa, C.M. Pereira, A.J.M. Ferreira
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e167-71
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Mechanical characterization of mortar beams
F.A.C. Oliveira, S.V.B. Lopes, J.C. Fernandes
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e172-6
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Resistance of a nonwoven geotextile against mechanical damage and abrasion
Mónica Dias, José Ricardo Carneiro, Maria de Lurdes Lopes
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e177-81
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Shear resistance of concrete reinforced with ultra-high strength steel fibres
José Gomes, Carlos Sousa, Mário Pimentel, Ana Maria Proença, A. Serra Neves
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e182-6
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Use of advanced composite materials in strengthening axially loaded reinforced concrete columns
M. Cheikh-Zouaoui, R. Benzaid, N. Chikh, H-A. Mesbah
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e187-91
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Study of the interaction between asphalt and recycled plastics in new polymer modified binders (PMB)
Liliana Costa, Sara Fernandes, Hugo Silva, Joel Oliveira
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e192-7
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Foamed bitumen: an alternative way of producing asphalt mixtures
Liliana Abreu, Joel Oliveira, Hugo Silva, Catarina Silva, Daniela Palha, Paulo Fonseca
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e198-203
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Effect of incorporating different waste materials in bitumen
Sara Fernandes, Liliana Costa, Hugo Silva, Joel Oliveira
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e204-9
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Synthesis and structure of Bi5FeTi3O15 ceramics
Agata Lisińska-Czekaj, Julian Plewa, Dionizy Czekaj
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e210-4
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Influence of processing conditions on crystal structure of BiNbO4 ceramics
Agata Lisińska-Czekaj, Dionizy Czekaj, Julian Plewa
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e215-8
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MDF and PB activated carbons for adsorption of dyes from liquid phase
J.A.F.L. Gomes, B.C. Azaruja, P.A.M. Mourão
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e219-23
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Adsorption of MCPA, 2,4-D and diuron onto activated carbons from wood composites
I.P.P. Cansado, P.A.M. Mourão, J.A.F.L. Gomes, V. Almodôvar
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e224-8
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Adsorption of phenol on silica aerogels using a stirred tank and a fixed bed column
Joana Marques, Telma Matias, Artur J.M. Valente, António Portugal, Margarida J. Quina, Licínio Gando-Ferreira, Luísa Durães
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e229-33
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The role of tension-compression asymmetry of the plastic flow on ductility and damage accumulation of porous polycrystals
J.L. Alves, M.C. Oliveira, L.F. Menezes, Oana Cazacu
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e234-8
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Mechanical properties determination of dual-phase steels using uniaxial tensile and hydraulic bulge test
Rui Amaral, Abel D. Santosa, A.B. Lopes
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e239-43
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Experimental and analytical evaluation of the stress-strain curves of AA5754-T4 and AA6061-T6 by hydraulic bulge test
Hugo Campos, Abel D. Santos, Rui Amaral
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e244-8
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Tribology testing to friction determination in sheet metal forming processes
Anvar Makhkamov, Dipak Wagre, António M. Baptista, Abel D. Santos, Luís Malheiro
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e249-53
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Theoretical and experimental study of specimens with stress concentrators in dependence of stress triaxiality
Ana Maria Comanici, Viorel Goanta, Paul Doru Barsanescu
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e254-61
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Nondestructive testing in microfabrication using bacteria
T.J. Ferreira, A.R. Farinha, T.G. Santos, R. Miranda, C.C.C.R. Carvalho, M.T. Vieira
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e262-4
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Low-cost 3D food printing
Isaac Alves Ferreira, Jorge Lino Alves
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e265-9
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Urbcork – Urban furniture with application of high density cork
Mariana Alves, Lígia Lopes, Jorge Lino Alves, Francisco Xavier de Carvalho
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e270-4
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Study of the viability of manufacturing ceramic moulds by additive manufacturing for rapid casting
Edwin Ocaña Garzón, Jorge Lino Alves, Rui J. Neto
Cienc Tecnol Mater. 2017;29:e275-80
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