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Articles in press are accepted, peer reviewed articles that are not yet assigned to volumes/issues, but are citable using DOI. More info

Chemical submission in cases of alleged crimes against sexual freedom 2016–2018, Lima, Peru
Grecia Alessandra Carruitero Moran, Carlos Antonio Castro Ccoscco, Kevin Jordan Gómez Alcántara, Valery Terrazas Ramos, Víctor Crispín Pérez
Available online 17 November 2021
Review of cadaveric dating methods and new perspectives from the necrobiome
Ángel M. Aragonés, Silvana Teresa Tapia-Paniagua
Available online 10 November 2021
Professional liability in primary care emergencies of specialists of family and community medicine
Josep Maria Benet-Martí, Carles Martin-Fumadó, Josep Benet-Travé, Esperanza L. Gómez-Durán, Josep Arimany-Manso, M. Magdalena Bertran-Ribera
Available online 5 November 2021
The so-called parental alienation syndrome and its derivations
Juan Gabriel de la Cruz, Julio Antonio Guija, María del Mar Pastor
Available online 2 November 2021
Detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA by PCR in a series of corpses sent for autopsy
Adriana C. D’Addario, Cristina A. Bustos, Roberto V. Cohen, Alejandro F. Rullán Corna, Patricia E. Gómez, Rubén H. Torrisi, Héctor Di Salvo, Jorge A. Herbstein, Federico Remes Lenicov, Santiago Maffia Bizzozero
Available online 1 November 2021