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Vol. 34. Issue 5.
Pages 218-244 (January 2010)
Original article
Assessing lenalidomide for treating multiple myeloma, myelofibrosis and myelodysplastic syndrome
C. Hernández Prats, F. Romero Iborra, E. Arroyo Domingo, I. Castillo Valero, M. Real Panisello, M.I. Sánchez Casado
Farm Hosp. 2010;34:218-23
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Analysis of the duration of and reasons for changing the first combination of antiretroviral therapy
M.T. Martín, M. Rovira, M. Massanes, E. del Cacho, E. Carcelero, M. Tuset, C. Codina, J.M. Miro, J.M. Gatell, J. Ribas
Farm Hosp. 2010;34:224-30
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FILNUT-scale: Rationale and use in screening for malnutrition risk within the INFORNUT process
J.L. Villalobos Gámez, J.M. Guzmán de Damas, J.M. García-Almeida, M.M. Galindo, R. Rioja Vázquez, A. Enguix Armada, O. Bernal Losada
Farm Hosp. 2010;34:231-6
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Meta-analysis of the effectiveness of the strategy of monotherapy with boosted protease inhibitors in HIV+ patients
J. Saez de la Fuente, A. Such Díaz, C. Sánchez Gil, C. Esteban Alba, I. Escobar Rodríguez
Farm Hosp. 2010;34:237-44
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