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ECONOMÍAunam is an academic publication which is embracing a number of significant ideas that are surrounding the theory and practice of the economic science from different perspectives. The sum of these frame of minds are expected to contribute with the spreading of original intellectual developments and also with the analysis of both the domestic and international economic atmosphere. Moreover, these points of view are aiming to feed those arguments related with the decision making process as well as to achieve an influence over the economic policy. Nevertheless, this publishing is going on beyond the Academy by considering even more segments of research and analysis which are not necessarily related within this environment, as long as they accomplished with the scientific and argumentative rigorousness requisites along with the introduction of contemporary topics and subjects of general interest.


  • To increase the influence and renown of the National University, as well as the stature of the School of Economic Science, the Institute of Economic Science Research, ENEP Aragón and ENEP Acatlán.
  • To inform and to provide with a guideline to the society about the national and international economic atmosphere.
  • To provide to the University with a stronger position in the discussion about the economic development in Mexico and, in general terms, in the discussion about the socio-economic realities of the country and the world.
  • To disseminate the research and contributions of both the social scientists of the National University and those from other academic institutions, organisms and entities belonging either to the public or private sector in the country, or those coming from overseas.
  • To spread the theoretical, empirical or even reflexive contributions of the National University to other Universities or Academic Institutions in Mexico and overseas. Even more, to propagate these contributions into a number of non academic sectors such as organisations, public and private entities in the country or abroad, and in general to those who are following the socioeconomic environment and the designers of the economic policies.
  • To encourage the dialogue between the social scientists of the National University with those from other Institutions from Mexico and abroad. To promote a bigger and wider affiliation of both academics and specialists to ECONOMIAunam.

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Discontinued publication
Vol. 14. Issue 42.
Pages 3-152 (September - December 2017)
Tratados de libre comercio, crecimiento y producto potencial en Chile, México y Perú
Germán Alarco Tosoni
Economía UNAM. 2017;14:24-46
Open access
Las transferencias federales, los contrapesos políticos y los ingresos fiscales estatales en México
Rodolfo Valenzuela-Reynaga, Adriana Verónica Hinojosa-Cruz
Economía UNAM. 2017;14:47-71
Open access
La política de desarrollo rural en México. ¿Existe correspondencia entre lo formal y lo real?
Luis Gómez Oliver, Angélica Tacuba Santos
Economía UNAM. 2017;14:93-117
Open access
Impacto de la política proteccionista de Estados Unidos en la economía mexicana
Arturo Huerta González
Economía UNAM. 2017;14:118-35
Open access
El impacto del gasto público sobre la inversión privada en México (1980-2015)
Francisco Salvador Gutiérrez Cruz
Economía UNAM. 2017;14:136-49
Open access
De los autores
De los autores
Economía UNAM. 2017;14:150-1
Open access
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Índice de autores 2017
Economía UNAM. 2017;14:152
Open access