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Vol. 29. Issue 3.
Pages 97-105 (September - December 2017)
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Vol. 29. Issue 3.
Pages 97-105 (September - December 2017)
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Characteristic properties of glass fiber reinforced sugarcane bagasse medium density fiber board
Mohammed Y. Abdellah
Corresponding author

Corresponding author.
, Hanan S. Fahmy, G.T. Abdel-Jaber, A.M. Hashem
Mechanical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, South Valley University, Qena, Egypt, 83521
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Medium density fiberboard (MDF) is one of the wood composites which are used widely in the furniture industry. Therefore, its strengthening is required. Sandwiched material is manufactured by inserting sugarcane bagasse medium density fiberboard between the glass fiber reinforced laminates in just the same fashion as a sandwich. A hand lay-up technique is used to prepare the sandwiched specimen, in which the medium density fiberboard plate is put in between two woven layers of glass fiber epoxy laminates. Tensile and bending tests are done to investigate efficiently the tensile and flexural behaviors for the MDF strengthening process. In addition, compact tension and center notch specimen tests are carried out to obtain the effect of the modification performed for the MDF main material on fracture toughness. Moreover, a water soaking test is held out, and fungal bioassay resistance is investigated to obtain some of the novel material environments. The results illustrate that both tensile and flexural strength are extremely modified and increased. Besides, the results show compatibility and bonding between layered material and medium density fiberboard plate. The fracture toughness is greatly increased, and both tests can be met as regards fracture toughness tests for such novel composite material. The novel material has high resistance to fungal creation, which helps it to be utilized in medical furniture. Finally, it is found that only a very little percentage of absorption is established for the novel produced material.

tensile strength
medium density fiber board
flexural strength
glass fiber.
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Copyright © 2017. Portuguese Society of Materials (SPM)
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