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Semergen 2004;30:279-85 - DOI: 10.1016/S1138-3593(04)74314-2
Dermatitis herpetiforme
J. Vergara Hernándeza,, , R. Díaz Peralb
a Médico de Familia. Centro de Salud Polígono Norte. Unidad Docente. Sevilla
b Médico Inspector. Unidad de Valoración Médica de Incapacidades. Sevilla
Recibido 29 junio 2001, Aceptado 26 enero 2004

Dermatitis herpetiforme is a chronic, hereditary disease having an immune basis. It preferentially affects the Northern Europe population. Its approximate frequency is one case per every ten thousand persons and it predominates in males with a 1.5 to 1 ratio. At present, it is considered to be a manifestation form of celiac disease (CD), the participation of gluten being clearly demonstrated in its development. Clinically, it is characterized by vesicle-bullous type skin lesions, accompanied by intense itching. Increase of the serological markers existing in CD has been manifested, although the only way of establishing the definite diagnosis is by demonstration of granular IgA deposits in the dermoepidermic junction of healthy or perilesional skin. In all the cases, the intestinal mucosa is involved, which is verified by a duodenal biopsy. Although dapsone has been shown to be effective for symptomatic treatment, initiation of a gluten free diet for all one's life is essential.

Palabras clave
dermatosis ampollosa, dermatitis herpetiforme, intolerancia al gluten
Key words
bullous dermatosis, dermatitis herpetiforme, gluten intolerance
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J. Vergara Hernández
Carta al Director
Medicina General, 32 (2001), pp. 219
Correspondencia: J. Vergara Hernández. Plaza de la Encarnación, 32. Portal 2,3°.B. 41003 Sevilla
Copyright © 2004. Elsevier España, S.L. y Sociedad Española de Medicina Rural y Generalista (SEMERGEN)