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Radiologia 2004;46:151-8 - DOI: 10.1016/S0033-8338(04)77953-9
Diverticulitis del colon derecho. Hallazgos en ecografía y tomografía computarizada
Right Colon Diverticulitis
Marcos Agramunta, Tomás Ripollésa,, , Esther Blanca, M. Jesús Martíneza, Segundo Gómez-Abrilb
a Departamento de Radiodiagnóstico y Cirugía.
b Hospital Universitario Dr. Peset. Valencia. España.
Recibido 11 julio 2003, Aceptado 05 noviembre 2003

To describe findings of right colon diverticulitis in ultrasound and computerized tomography, and to demonstrate that these techniques can be used diagnostically to complement one other.

Materials and Methods

Radiological findings of 14 patients diagnosed at our hospital over the past 7 years with diverticulitis of the right colon were examined. Ultrasound was realized in all the cases and CT in 11 cases. The following findings were evaluated: visualization of the diverticulum, alteration of pericolonic fat, colon wall thickening, and identification of the appendix.


Both alteration of pericolonic fat and colon wall thickening were observed in ultrasound scan, as well as CT. The diverticulum was visualized by ultrasound and CT in 13 cases (93%) and 11 cases (100%), respectively. The normal appendix was identified in 7 cases (58%) by ultrasound scan, and in 5 cases (55%) by CT. Emergency room diagnosis through radiological means was as follows: right colon diverticulitis in 9 cases, AA amyloidosis in 2 cases, colon neoplasia in 2 cases, inflammatory mass of undefined origin in one case.


The most common ultrasound visualizations are those of diverticula adjacent to segments of thickened colonic wall and surrounded by a hyperechoic zone of fat. CT confirmation of these findings can only lead to an increased confidence in the diagnosis. Awareness among radiologists of this disease and its diagnostic findings would facilitate preoperative recognition and the avoidance of having to perform unnecessary surgical procedures.

Palabras clave
Diverticulitis del colon derecho, Ecografía, Tomogra-fía computarizada
Key words
Right Colon Diverticulitis, Ultrasound Scan, Computerized Tomography
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TOMÁS RIPOLLÉS. Departamento de Radiología. Hospital Universitario Dr. Peset. Avda. Gaspar Aguilar, 90. 46017 Valencia. España. (Tomás Ripollés ripolles_tom@gva.es)
Copyright © 2004. Sociedad Española de Radiología Médica (SERAM) and Elsevier España, S.L.