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Clin Invest Arterioscl 2004;16:18-22 - DOI: 10.1016/S0214-9168(04)78950-0
Mejoría de la presión arterial en la obesidad mórbida tras dieta de muy bajo contenido calórico
E. Solá Izquierdo1, , C. Morillas Ariño, S. Garzón Pastor, R. Royo Taberner, S. García Torres, A. Hernández Mijares
Sección de Endocrinología. Hospital Universitario Doctor Peset. Valencia. España

To analyze the presence of blood pressure disorders in patients with morbid obesity and the influence of weight loss achieved by diet on these disorders. To evaluate the influence of gender on the presence of blood pressure disorders and on the response to diet.


All patients with morbid obesity (23 men and 36 women) underwent anthropometric evaluation. Blood pressure (systolic and diastolic arterial, mean and pulse pressure) was evaluated before and after an intervention that alternated very-low caloric diets with conventional low caloric diets. The results before and after the intervention were compared using Student’s t-test for paired samples (after confirming that the conditions for its application were fulfilled).


The presence of blood pressure disorders was high in patients with morbid obesity. Marked weight loss was achieved with diet, especially in men (95% confidence interval: 26.9 to 39.8 kg in men, and 13.5 to 20.3 kg in women). The presence of blood pressure disorders was considerably reduced after weight loss, with a significant decrease in systolic blood pressure in both sexes (95% confidence interval: men 4.1 to 28.1 mmHg, women 1 to 13.7 mmHg) and in diastolic blood pressure in women (95% confidence interval: 0.4 to 30.5 mmHg).


Patients with morbid obesity show a high prevalence of blood pressure disorders. A significant reduction in this prevalence was achieved with diet over one year.

Palabras clave
Obesidad mórbida, Dieta, Hipertensión arterial
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Correspondencia: Eva Solá Izquierdo. Hospital Universitario Doctor Peset. Avda. Gaspar Aguilar, 90. 46017 Valencia. España.
Copyright © 2004. Sociedad Espa??ola de Arteriosclerosis y Elsevier Espa??a, S.L.