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ISSN: 2530-3805

Revista de Psicodidáctica (English Edition)

Revista de Psicodidáctica is a six-monthly journal for teachers and researchers, published since 1996, founded and directed by Alfredo Goñi Grandmontagne for twelve years. The journal was first published on-line in 2010.
This is a subscription journal, as such that the authors do not pay for the evaluation or its publication. After the final acceptance of the article, the authors may send, within a period of one month, a version of the article in a different language from the initial one; in Spanish, Basque, or other language, if it has initially been submitted in English. And if the article was submitted in Spanish, the second version should be in English.
Over recent years it has gradually increased its impact factor in various databases, both in the Spanish and in the international scopes. The Journal publishes scientific works conducted in accordance with the strictest scientific principles which contribute to the advance of scientific knowledge in the field in which psychology and didactics meet and overlap. In particular, it focuses on the meeting of educational psychology and the didactics of different subjects (language, literature, mathematics, social science, experimental science, physical expression, musical expression and plastic expression, etc.).


  • Impact Factor: 2.237 (2016)

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Vol. 23 .Num. 1. January - June 2018

The Relationship of Botín Foundation's Emotional Intelligence Test (TIEFBA) with Personal and Scholar Adjustment of Spanish Adolescents

La relación del Test de Inteligencia Emocional de la Fundación Botín (TIEFBA) con el ajuste personal y escolar de adolescentes españoles

Pablo Fernández-Berrocal, Desireé Ruiz-Aranda, José M. Salguero, Raquel Palomera, Natalio Extremera
Rev Psic 2018;23:1-8

Testing the Relationships Between Global, Contextual, and Situational Motivation: A Longitudinal Study of the Horizontal, Top-down, and Bottom-up Effects

Probando las relaciones entre la motivación global, contextual y situacional: un estudio longitudinal de los efectos horizontal, arriba-abajo y abajo-arriba

Juan L. Núñez, Jaime León
Rev Psic 2018;23:9-16

Attitudes Toward Cultural Diversity in Spanish and Portuguese Adolescents of Secondary Education: The Influence of Heteronormativity and Moral Disengagement in School Bullying

Actitudes hacia la diversidad cultural de adolescentes de secundaria españoles y portugueses: influencia de la heteronormatividad y la desconexión moral hacia el bullying

María-Victoria Carrera-Fernández, Xosé-Manuel Cid-Fernández, Ana Almeida, Antonio González-Fernández, María Lameiras-Fernández
Rev Psic 2018;23:17-25

Analysis of Sociocultural Stereotypes Towards Thin Body and Muscular Body: Differences According to Gender and Weight Discrepancy

Análisis de los estereotipos socioculturales hacia cuerpo delgado y cuerpo musculoso: Diferencias en función del sexo y discrepancia con el peso

Antonio Granero-Gallegos, José Martín-Albo Lucas, Álvaro Sicilia, Jesús Medina-Casaubón, Manuel Alcaraz-Ibáñez
Rev Psic 2018;23:26-32

The Role of Teaching Practices in the Prevention of School Violence among Peers

El rol de las prácticas docentes en la prevención de la violencia escolar entre pares

Ángel-Alberto Valdés-Cuervo, Belén Martínez-Ferrer, Ernesto-Alonso Carlos-Martínez
Rev Psic 2018;23:33-8

Understanding the Connections between Self-perceptions and Future Expectations: A Study with Spanish and Portuguese Early Adolescents

Las relaciones entre autopercepciones y expectativas futuras: un estudio con preadolescentes españoles y portugueses

Laura Verdugo, Teresa Freire, Yolanda Sánchez-Sandoval
Rev Psic 2018;23:39-47

Use of Oral Narrative and Morphosyntactic Activities to Improve Grammar Skills in Pupils with Specific Language Impairment (SLI)

El uso combinado de narraciones orales y actividades morfosintácticas para mejorar habilidades gramaticales de alumnado con trastorno específico del lenguaje (TEL)

Gustavo M. Ramírez-Santana, Víctor M. Acosta-Rodríguez, Ana M. Moreno-Santana, Nayarit del Valle-Hernández, Ángeles Axpe-Caballero
Rev Psic 2018;23:48-55

Social Adjustment and Cooperative Work in Primary Education: Teacher and Parent Perceptions

Adaptación y trabajo cooperativo en el alumnado de educación primaria desde la percepción del profesorado y la familia

Cira Carrasco, Rafael Alarcón, M. Victoria Trianes
Rev Psic 2018;23:56-62

The Brief-ACRA Scale on Learning Strategies for University Students

Evaluación de estrategias de aprendizaje mediante la escala ACRA abreviada para estudiantes universitarios

Lucía Jiménez, Alfonso-Javier García, Javier López-Cepero, Francisco-Javier Saavedra
Rev Psic 2018;23:63-9

Antisocial Behavior and Executive Functions in Young Offenders

Conducta antisocial y funciones ejecutivas de jóvenes infractores

María José Gil-Fenoy, Juan García-García, Encarnación Carmona-Samper, Elena Ortega-Campos
Rev Psic 2018;23:70-6