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ISSN: 1138-1442

Revista Española de Investigación de Marketing ESIC

The Revista Española de Investigación de Marketing ESIC (REIMKE) (Spanish Journal of Marketing Research) is an international publication with rigorous evaluation procedures and which has as its objective to encourage debate and to promote the publication of the latest trends in research in the area of marketing. Accordingly, works submitted to it must be prepared in accordance with the highest standards of quality. Manuscripts must be clear, concise, and logical. The use of a professional reviewer is recommended for non-native English speakers. It will admit works focused any of the areas relevant to academic research in marketing (marketing relations, strategic marketing, consumer behaviour, brand strategies, marketing services, distribution channels, pricing policies, publicity¿). The Journal also welcomes articles on research that crosses the frontiers between these and other associated areas (internationalisation, corporate management, consumer psychology¿). REIMKE has been published periodically since 1996 with the support of Asociación Española de Profesores de Marketing (AEMARK) (Spanish Association of Academic and Professional Marketing¿ and the Escuela de Negocios ESIC (ESIC Business School). From 2016, it will only publish articles in English.
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Vol. 19 .Num. 2. September 2015


A comparison of antecedents of satisfaction in city break traveling

Una comparación de los antecedentes de la satisfacción en las escapadas urbanas

J. Charterina, G. Aparicio
Revista Española de Investigación de Marketing ESIC 2015;19:71-82

Determinants of social commitment in the young. Applying the Theory of Reasoned Action

Determinantes del compromiso social en los jóvenes. Una aplicación de la Teoría de la Acción Razonada

P. Zarzuela, C. Antón
Revista Española de Investigación de Marketing ESIC 2015;19:83-94

The five E's in festival experience in the context of Gen Y: Evidence from a small island destination

Las cinco «E» aplicadas a la experiencia de un festival en el contexto de la Generación Y: evidencia a partir de un destino a una pequeña isla

M. Rivera, K. Semrad, R. Croes
Revista Española de Investigación de Marketing ESIC 2015;19:95-106

How to measure born-global firms’ orientation towards international markets?

Cómo medir la orientación de las empresas “born-global” hacia los mercados internacionales?

R. Torres-Ortega, A. Rialp-Criado, J. Rialp-Criado, M.-C. Stoian
Revista Española de Investigación de Marketing ESIC 2015;19:107-23

Smooth operators? Drivers of customer satisfaction and switching behavior in virtual and traditional mobile services

¿Hábiles operadores?: impulsores de la satisfacción del cliente y de los comportamientos de cambio en los servicios de telefonía móvil virtual y tradicional

C. Calvo-Porral, J.-P. Lévy-Mangin
Revista Española de Investigación de Marketing ESIC 2015;19:124-38