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The scope of this journal will correspond to the wide horizon of themes and problems that are now included in the domain of bioethics, and special stress will be laid on the interdisciplinary methodology required for a profitable work in this field. Bioethics has also shown a considerable variety of ethical doctrines, schools, inspirations that has often led to irreconcilable proposals for the solution of concrete problems, and has introduced a polemical vein in the debates. The aim of this journal is that of adopting not only an interdisciplinary but also an interdoctrinary methodology, offering a space for a rigorous critical analysis of controversial issues, in which the confrontation of rational arguments could lead to recognizing the differences but also to finding out certain points of convergence.

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Vol. 4 .Num. 1. January - June 2018


Bioethics as a counterbalance to medicalization

Bioética como contrapeso a la medicalización

Evandro Agazzi
Bioethics UPdate 2018;4:1-5

Original articles

La libertad en la eugenesia liberal: reflexiones sobre el papel del Estado

Freedom in liberal eugenics: reflections on the role of the State

Beatriz Eugenia Campillo Vélez
Bioethics UPdate 2018;4:6-23

Individual Autonomy: Self, Culture, and Bioethics

Autonomía individual: persona, cultura y bioética

Ashwani Kumar Peetush, Arjuna Maharaj
Bioethics UPdate 2018;4:24-34

El poshumanismo: ¿promesa o amenaza de la tecnociencia? Principios de una biopolítica mínima

Post-humanism: promise or threat of technoscience? Principles of minimal Biopolitics

Eugenio Moya
Bioethics UPdate 2018;4:35-56

Ethical reflections on proton radiotherapy

Reflejos éticos en la radioterapia con protones

Filippo Grillo-Ruggieri, Giuseppe Scielzo
Bioethics UPdate 2018;4:57-66

Reflexiones bioéticas en torno a la historia de las epidemias de viruela

Bioethical reflections on the history of smallpox epidemics

Lourdes Velázquez
Bioethics UPdate 2018;4:67-79

Medical ethics and pandemic emergencies

La ética médica y las emergencias de pandemia

David E. Schrader
Bioethics UPdate 2018;4:80-6