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The scope of this journal will correspond to the wide horizon of themes and problems that are now included in the domain of bioethics, and special stress will be laid on the interdisciplinary methodology required for a profitable work in this field. Bioethics has also shown a considerable variety of ethical doctrines, schools, inspirations that has often led to irreconcilable proposals for the solution of concrete problems, and has introduced a polemical vein in the debates. The aim of this journal is that of adopting not only an interdisciplinary but also an interdoctrinary methodology, offering a space for a rigorous critical analysis of controversial issues, in which the confrontation of rational arguments could lead to recognizing the differences but also to finding out certain points of convergence.

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Vol. 3 .Num. 2. July - December 2017


The individual and collective dimension in bioethics

La dimensión individual y colectiva en la bioética

Evandro Agazzi
Bioethics UPdate 2017;3:79-81

Original articles

Neurociencia y derecho: problemas y posibilidades para el quehacer jurídico

Neuroscience and law: Problems and possibilities for the legal aspects

Ronald Cárdenas Krenz
Bioethics UPdate 2017;3:82-106

Conscientious objection in Scientific Ethics and its relationship with ideology, religion and laws

Objeción de consciencia desde la Ética Científica y su relación con la ideología, la religión y con las leyes

Carlos Y. Valenzuela
Bioethics UPdate 2017;3:107-19

De los tratamientos paliativos a los cuidados paliativos

From palliative treatments to palliative cares

Lourdes Velázquez
Bioethics UPdate 2017;3:120-36

Limitación del esfuerzo terapéutico y cuidados paliativos

Limitation of therapeutic effort and palliative cares

María de la Luz Casas Martínez
Bioethics UPdate 2017;3:137-51